Kinds Of Angles

There are many different kinds of angles! Angles, angels, angles. So many, so complicated, so extraordinary kinds of angles. Let’s see how to define them.

– The right angle: always confuses me why on earth an 90o angle is the right kind of angle? Is it because when you’re very tired of reading geometry you need a 90 degrees angled chair to settle down? Who knows?

– The acute angle: or more likely ‘the cute-intense one’! Acute angles are small, precious and really pointy compared to all other kinds of angles; all of them being less than 90 degrees.

The obtuse angle: No, no, for God shake they are not the stupid ones! We could say they are a little fatter than the above mentioned info about angles; greater than 90 degrees, less than 180 degrees, but still sharp.

– The reflex angle: Why? WHY? Our life would be much more easier if we stopped counting at 180o. This one, doesn’t even look like the nice spiky kinds of angles. Who needs an angle greater than 180 degrees anyway?

– The straight angle: or the ‘undercover line’. I suppose being called an angle is cooler than being a straight line, but please. An 180o angle is just a line, so live with it!

– The ‘all-by-myself-I-wanna-be’ angle: Seriously? Full circle? You’re killing me! If you want to call yourself an angle, stop earlier like all other kinds of angles do! Not at 360 degrees!

– The ‘am not really there’ angle: You call yourself an angle?  Because it’s sides can’t be apart even for a second.

You think we’re done? So naive of you! There are names of angle pairs, too.

– Adjacent angles or the ‘hold-my-hand-together-we-stand’ angles: Angles that share a side and have a common vertex (the pointy thing that defines an angle, man!). If you close your eyes a little or you are really sleepy you would think it is just one angle.

– Complementary angles or the ‘we-are-right-together’ angles: Angles that measure 90o if you add them together. They have definitely found their true love and look right together.

– Supplementary angles: Nothing to say here. Is just that, mathematicians have a lot of free time to invent names for just about everything!! Don’t blame me that angles which sum up to 180 degrees have their one name.
– Explementary angles or the ‘together-we-rule-the-whooole-world’ angles: these are angles that sum up to one turn. Of course, they feel superior to other pairs! What a question to ask.They are also known as conjugate angles, because marriage is on their way.

– Vertical angles or ‘the kissing ones’: The most in love couple of all kinds of angles are the ones that constantly kiss each other. The have a common vertex and their sides are formed by the same lines. What is interesting is that, each couple of ‘kissing angles’ has another couple attached to it. It’s kind of a double date! The four of them make a turn so they live happily ever after.

Last but not least, for those of you who really want to have fun with the various kinds of angles, or simply have a suicidal tendencies, I have a solution: draw two parallel lines that are crossed by a third one. Eight kinds of angles are formed. You want to talk about pairs? Interior or exterior, alternate or corresponding.
Don’t even try it!