Kinds Of Apples

Discuss kinds of apples. Apples are some of the best foods to eat and cook with because they are full of antioxidants and fiber. There are different kinds of apples, either obtained by genetic engineering or crossing different stock varieties. Most apple variants are cultivated varieties, which have reached more than seven thousand in number.

Some Kinds of Apples by Cultivar

Rome Beauty – Among the kinds of apples, this probably has the most misleading name. This wasn’t developed in Rome, Italy, but in Rome, Ohio. The characteristics of this apple is deep red, glossy and rounded. The flesh is juicy and white.

Gala apples – This is one of the most popular among the various kinds of apples because it has been commercially propagated. The origin of these kinds of apples is New Zealand. Its popularity is mainly due to its resistance to most diseases and extraordinary shelf life. Gala is characteristically conic with orange streaks. It came from the hybridization of Golden Delicious and Kidds Orange Red.

Royal Gala – This apple type came from a Gala and Elstar hybridization. This can be called a salad-variety apple because it is commonly used for fresh salads. The flesh is crunchy and white.

Ribston Pippin – This apple type was developed in North Yorkshire, England during the early 1700s. While the flesh is firm and has a pear-like flavour, the lopsided appearance of the apple may have contributed to its lower popularity compared to Gala and Golden Delicious.

Golden Delicious – This is one of the best apple pollinators, and is expressly used for the purpose of hybridization. The size of each fruit is regular, and the color doesn’t deviate from fruit to fruit. These kinds of apples can be cultivated on a massive scale for these reasons. The storage qualities are also excellent. As the name suggests, the color is greenish when unripe and yellowish when fully ripe.

Santana apples – Like its predecessors in the Netherlands, this cultivar is good for fresh eating. The main reason why this became popular is its resistance to the scab disease.

McIntosh – Mcintosh apples are among the kinds of apples that have been developed in Canada. The skin is almost completely red, with a characteristic patch of green at the top. Like most kinds of apples that ripen in September, McIntosh is especially great for making applesauce for Thanksgiving. This apple cultivar is small enough to keep in your pocket as a mid-workout snack.

Paula Red – This apple cultivar started out as mutation of McIntosh, and was discovered in Michigan, USA. Like McIntosh, this cultivar is harvested in September. Instead of the greenish patch, this cultivar shows yellow spotting all over the fruit. The flesh is firm and great for applesauce production, but the fruits may not be for longterm storage and export because of the shelflife.

Hidden Rose

These kinds of apples are unique because of the pink flesh, which deviates from the norm of white fleshed apple cultivars. The shape is conic and the fruit is larger than the average McIntosh. While the skin is yellowish in appearance, the inside is characteristically red.