Kinds Of Art

Learn about kinds of art. Art is man’s expression of his feelings and thoughts. Artists are creative and brave, especially during the time when forms of art were being established. Art is also a way to document history and ethnicity. Here are the many kinds of art that we appreciate in the present time.

Visual art

This art type includes paintings, illustrations, sculptures, architecture and digital graphic arts. Good visual artists can tell a story through one piece of artwork. The medium used to create the piece is also relevant as some types of media are more difficult to use than others. With the new innovations in technology, the form of visual art has evolved to accommodate graphics or computer-generated visual images. Some of the subtypes of visual arts are collage, portraits, silk screen paintings and

One special type of art is abstract art, which can be confusing for many. An art form is considered abstract because it doesn’t represent objects, people or events. Nevertheless, these kinds of arts are extremely valuable if they can elicit certain emotions in the viewer. Some forms of abstract art are popular because of the way they have been created.

Psychedelic art can be abstract, but more often than not, these are representations of people and objects according to the viewpoint of the painter. Most of the people creating these kinds of art do so under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs like LSD.

The kinds of art can also be classified according to the era in which they were popular. Modern art covers a wide range of artistic works produced from the latter part of the 1800s (approximately 1860) until the 1970s. The art works produced during this period comprised experiments by modern artists on the various ways of creating and appreciating art. One of the most notable modern artists is Vincent van Gogh. Contemporary art is one of the kinds of art created recently.

Performing Arts

Classical kinds of arts in the performance category include drama or theatre, opera, music, dance and pantomime. Often, these types of art are combined to create breath-taking performances like plays. Over the years, this category of art evolved to include the non-classical performing arts like stand-up comedy and street performance.

Dance is a type of performing art and it involves motion and rhythm. Some dance movements are meant to express emotion. Other types include exercise-centric dance and classical dance. In a spiritual event, dance may be used as the main event. Some dances are parts of religious rituals or coming of age ceremonies.

Dance and theatre may be categorized according to culture and location. Interpretative dancing is characteristic of African dances, while slow expressive movements of hands and body describe traditional Asian dances. Typical art competitions usually showcase the different kinds of art and use a diverse set of criteria for selecting the best pieces.

Written Art

Prose and poetry can be considered one of the most influential kinds of art. This type of art uses colourful language that inspires imagery.