Kinds Of Asthma

Read about the kinds of asthma. Asthma is a disease that affects the respiratory system of the human body. It affects the airflow that carries air from lungs to nose. Asthma has been caused by certain factors including environmental factor and genetic factor. Symptoms of this kind of disease are cough, heavy breathing, chest tightness and breathlessness. There are many kinds of asthma occurs on the basis of different factors. Some of them are discussed below.

Child Onset Asthma:
This is among those kinds of asthma which started in a very early age. This has been caused when a child is sensitive to environmental factors. He gets affected from many things including dust and pollution. He might also have common allergies which different elements which makes him sensitive towards nature.

Adult Onset Asthma:
Adult onset Asthma develops after 20 years of age. It can be caused due to allergic nature of a person, according to the research half of the percent of adult onset asthma is caused by sensitivity towards the environment and its components like, plastic, fiber, metal, wood or dust. It is more common in women than men.

Exercise Induced Asthma:
This is among very uncommon kind of asthma which occurs mostly to athletes. If you suffer from breathlessness and heavy cough after running or exercising then you are suffering from exercise induced asthma. Like other kinds of asthma you will feel difficulty in inhaling and exhaling the air through your nose due to blockage of respiratory tracts and extra mucus. This kind of asthma can be cured easily but different therapies and proper asthma management.

Nocturnal Asthma:
This is among those kinds of asthma which occurs at night. It is caused by sinus problem or dust allergy. Nocturnal asthma doesn’t occur in the day time, you won’t feel any pressure in the day time, but it will affect you badly after midnight. This kind of asthma is not predictable it can occur any night causing restlessness and short breath. It can be treated through frequent therapy.

Steroid Resistant Asthma:
This is very severe kind of asthma. It is caused to the steroid resistant people; steroid therapy is the most common therapy for the asthmatic people. But, some people are steroid resistant and can’t bear this kind of therapy and get affected from it. Therefore, now for those kinds of people other kind of therapy is being used to cure their asthma. Anti-inflammatory therapy is used for steroid resistant people.

Occupational Asthma:
This kind of asthma occurred due to some component of patient’s workplace. It can be due to work load or stress or by some injurious elements like animal skin, pollen, smoke, temperature, metal or certain chemicals. It can be prevented easily if taking precautionary measures or taking proper medication against such elements.

Cough Induced Asthma:
It can occur any time of a day and it cause heavy coughs without any symptom of other kinds of asthma. It is very difficult to identify by doctors as they have to evaluate symptoms of other kinds of asthma too. In this case, cough can occur, any time and if it occurs in mid night it will bother while sleeping.