Kinds Of Autism

Learn about kinds of autism. Autism is a disorder in communication skills, language development, and social interaction. It is a neurobehavioral impairment that is more common in children.

A child with autism will have trouble communicating and expressing his or her thoughts in a normal way. They find it difficult to understand the thoughts and feelings of other people and often have trouble expressing themselves through touch, facial expressions, gestures, or with words.

There are several kinds of autism disorders. Some of them include; autistic disorder, Asperser’s Syndrome, atypical autism, childhood disintegrative autism, and Rett syndrome.
Autistic disorder. These kinds of autism are the most common and are always referred to when people talk about autism. These are problems associated with communication, imaginative play, and social interaction, especially in children less than 3 years old.

* Asperger’s syndrome. Children with these kinds of autism are not limited in anyway by language difficulties or communication. However, they share the same social interaction problem with children with autistic disorders. They find very few things interesting and don’t engage in social activities.

* Atypical autism or Pervasive developmental disorder. These groups have some abnormal behaviors but don’t share the same behavioral characteristics of children with other autistic behaviors.

* Rett syndrome. More common in girls, children with these kinds of autism would begin to develop normally but gradually begin to lose their social and communication skills. It is common to see children with this sort of disorder to begin to move their hands or other parts of their body repeatedly.

* Childhood disintegrative autism. Children with these kinds of autism also begin to develop normally within their first 2 years and then start losing most or some of the social and communication skills.

Children with any of the above kinds of autism always make repeated movements like hand flapping or body rocking. Sometimes they response unusually to people and can exhibit self-injurious or aggressive behavior. Sometimes they feel indifferent to things around them and some of them are prone to seizures.

Autistic people sometimes have difficulties maintaining a normal mental health and may experience problems developing their skills. They are impaired in social and communication skills. However, some of them higher levels off skills in other areas like memorizing facts, solving math problems, creating music, or drawing. In fact, some autistic children have scored higher in nonverbal intelligent tests than other normal children.

Typical development of autism is seen within the first 3 years after birth. While some children develop these signs several months after a normal life, others show the signs from birth. This disorder is more common in boys than girls and it knows no social, ethnic, or racial boundaries. Educational levels, lifestyle, or family income is not linked to ones chance of having autism. Autism is more as a result of genetic causes than any other cause. However, an unborn child whose mother takes certain chemicals or drugs during pregnancy has a high chance of being autistic. So, autism can be prevented from occurring through care during pregnancy in a considerable degree.