Kinds Of Baby Food

Discuss kinds of baby food. Babies are much softer and vulnerable than their older counterparts and hence proper care must be taken while choosing food for them. There are several kinds of baby food available in the market but choosing what is best for the kid can be a difficult choice. Baby foods can be differentiated and graded according to several parameters such as the baby’s age, quality of food etc. For first three months after birth, mother’s breast milk is the best nourishment for the baby. Baby foods are introduced later on in the kid’s lifetime.

Stage 1 baby foods are created from solid food but served in pureed form so it is easy for the babies to swallow. These foods are intended for babies of 3 to 5 months. These kinds of baby food include sweet and tasty vegetable nutrients like beans, squash, sweet potatoes, carrot and peas. Fruit purees are also found in the market that use fruits like pears, prunes, bananas, peaches and apples. Due to the delicate age of the baby, foods in this stage contain a single ingredient and have absolutely no additives in their production.

For babies of 6 to 8 months, Stage 2 baby food is perfect. These kinds of baby food have more than one ingredient and they often contain non-vegetarian items like chicken as well. A combination of two vegetables or fruits provides more nutrition to babies but for liquid nutrients, breast milk or water based formulae must be used. Pure fruit juices are also recommended, but citrus juice can be harmful to the baby’s stomach.

Stage 3 foods are applicable to babies of 8 to 9 months when they are just learning to chew soft chunks of foods as the teething starts at this age. These foods contain very small and soft chunks of vegetables and chicken that can be mashed by babies easily. Infant juices can also be given at this stage for liquid nourishment. Doctors limit servings of these kinds of baby food to 4 ounces per day.

Stage 4 baby foods are for babies reaching 1 year of age. These kinds of baby food are high in cereal and grain content. They are designed keeping in mind the growing nutritional requirement of growing babies. Citrus juices can be given to babies of this age.
Apart from the factory-made food, homemade baby food can be a great choice too, as there is usually no chance of chemical impurities or contamination and babies get nourishment in the purest form. According to the age, foods can be blended to create puree or chopped up in small pieces to swallow and digest easily. But it must be kept in mind that underground vegetables like beat, carrots and sweet potatoes often contain high nitrogen content that can harm the baby. So it is prudent to buy these kinds of baby food from stores.

When choosing baby food, age and required nutrition is the most important. So choose the baby foods wisely and give your babies a healthy growing childhood.