Kinds Of Bats

What are the major classifications of bats that exists?

Bats are types of mammals that have the natural ability to fly. It is one of the Chiroptera which is derived from Greek words ‘cheir’ which means hands and ‘pteron’ which means wings. Its wing has patagium or a thin membrane which it mainly used for flying because it doesn’t use its entire forelimbs like the bird does. With it having a lot of species for about 1,240 species the bats are said to represent about 20% of all mammals that are classified. Most kinds of bats live in caves while other hangs in the tree. Some of the kinds of bats feed on fruit while mostly feed on insects. Some of these bats also feed on small fishes. Despite their scary appearance and noise most kinds of bats helps in maintaining a well balanced eco-system. They are often linked to vampires and because most of the bats just came out at night and asleep during the day. This behavior is due to their very sensitive eyes. Here are the kinds of bats.

-Megabats are known to be larger and bigger compare to microbats. These kinds of bats live in the tropical areas of the globe. Some of these bats feed on fruits while some drink the nectar from the flower. In certain instances they even look for food during the day instead of night. They have a wider range of vision because of their big eyes. They use their eyes with their sense of smell to find foods such as ripen fruits. An example of these kinds of bats in the stellaluna. The gigantic flying fox is known as the biggest bat in the world. With a wingspan that can reach up to 6 feet and can weigh 2 pounds. Some examples of megabats are the little red flying fox, grey-headed flying fox, fruit bat, black flying fox, long-tongued nectar bats, hammerhead bat and spectacled flying fox. These kinds of bats are really helpful to the eco-system and give a lot of benefits despite their scary posture.

-Microbats are the smaller family of bats. Their ears are often larger than their eyes. They usually eat fish, insects, lizards and small birds. The vampire bat is an example of these kinds of bats and it drinks blood from the animals. The microbats use their mouth and nose in finding foods by sending out a high-pitched squeak. This action is called echolocation. It is a called biosonar which is a biological sonar used by certain type of animals and this microbats are one of it. It is a process where the bat calls out into the environment and listens to echoes that it made to identify foods or any object that in a distance. Aside from finding foods this echolocation helps them navigate well it the forest to avoid accidents. The bumblebee bat is the smallest bat. It only weighs 2 grams. Some examples of microbats are the Mexican free tailed bat, spear nose bat, spotted bat, little broad nosed bat, inland forest bat, orange leaf nose bat and the northern free tailed bats.

They might look scary and haunting but they play big role in maintaining a well balanced eco system.