Kinds Of Beans

There are many different kinds of beans and here are a few of them.

-White beans: These beans are excellent sources of fibre, potassium and iron. It is not a specific bean, but a combination of many kinds of beans that are white in colour.

-Black Soybean: These kinds of beans are used in a lot of recipes. But they lack any definite flavour. They are used in stews, tofu and some snacks.

-Runner Beans: Runner beans are again a combination of beans. They are slightly long and when cooked, they swell up to twice their size. They include Aztec, Black and White bean.

-Pink Beans: These kinds of beans are oval shaped. They are used in soups and are harvested when they are young. When dried they are used for cooking purposes. They are grown in a lot of places.

-Anasazi Beans: Ehen cooked, these beans are sweet. They are dark red and white in colour and turn pink on cooking. Uncooked, they last for a year and are very popular in North America.

-Cowpea: These kinds of beans are also called black eyes peas. This is because these peas are cream coloured with a black eye. They have a very soft texture and are used in side dishes.

-Cranberry Beans: These kinds of beans are excellent folate sources. They are pink in colour with dark red streaks. They are also known as Pinto or Italian Borlotti beans.

-Flagelot Beans: These are French beans. They should not be dried and are green in colour. In France, they are generally served with a leg of lamb.

-Lentils: Lentils are the kinds of beans that are available in different colours like green, brown or red. These beans are a source of iron and phosphorous. They also have a lot of flavour and are used in salads.

-Split peas: These kinds of beans are green in colour and look like halved peas. They are rich in potassium and phosphorous. They have a creamy texture.

-Soybeans: These beans are very firm. They lack any flavour and are yellow in colour. They have high calcium content. Asia has a black variety of these kinds of beans.

-Adzuki: These beans are also called Aduki. They are small and deep red in colour. They are rich sources of magnesium and folate. They are best used in the dried form.

-Cannellini Beans: These kinds of beans are white and oval shaped. They are sold in dried form. They do not have a strong flavour.

-Fava: These kinds of beans are called broad beans. They are light brown in colour and have a creamy texture. They are best used in the split form. This makes the peeling of the skin much easier.

-Corona Beans: These beans are an Italian favourite. They are very meaty and they become bigger on cooking. Like most beans, they are also used in soups and as a part of side dishes.