Kinds Of Beer

Discover kinds of beer. Beer is the oldest known alcoholic drink and is the most consumed in the world. Oldest written records of beer production and consumption date back to ancient Egypt and Greece. The process of all kinds of beer making involves saccharifying yeast or starch and then fermenting the resulting sugary liquid which is known as Wort. This process is Brewing and the place where beer is made is called a Brewery. Among different types of alcohol, Beer has the most number of varieties. Usually beer has 4%-6% alcohol but now-a-days brewing companies are coming up with higher alcohol percentage beers.

The different kinds of Beers are often names based on the type of yeast used to brew, the types of hops used to add taste, color and aroma of the resulting drink and even the place the drink originated from. Two of the largest varieties are Lager and Ale. Ales are usually brewed within 60 to 70 Degree Fahrenheit temperature. Some well-known Ale varieties are Amber Ale, Pale Ale, Bitter, Porter, Stout, Irish Ale and Indian Pale Ale. Amber Ale is among the Pale Ale kinds of beer, but it is created from excess malt so the taste is sweeter and color is slightly darker so it is called Amber. Pale Ales are fruity in tastes and also lighter in color. The Indian Pale Ale contains large amount of hops to preserve the beer for longer durations. Irish Ales are traditional Irish beers with a mild amount of hop and malty taste. Stout beer on the other hand is brewed from roasted Barley. It is dark in color and very strong in taste. The Ale kinds of beers are very popular in some European countries and the US.

Lagers are much smoother and crisper in taste as compared to Ales due to the fermentation at lower temperatures. Since the yeast is fermented at 50 to 56 Degree Fahrenheit, they settle at the bottom and create a crisper taste. Lager is said to be originated in Germany. These kinds of beer are aged in low temperature to create a unique flavor. Dunkel, Bock, Marzen or Maerzen and Pale Lager are most famous Lager beers. Dunkel beer follows what is the original German Lager beer brewing style. This beer is mild in alcohol and dark amber to Brown in color. The flavors of a Dunkel drink resemble those of coffee and licorice. The Marzen beer was previously created in March due to the lack of refrigeration and stored in cool places before serving it during the festival in October. This is the reason Marzen is also called the Oktoberfest beer. Pale Lager is the most widely produced Lager beer which is mild and hoppy in taste. Alcohol content of Pale Lagers is pretty low.

There are numerous other beers which vary slightly or largely from each other. Rauchbeir, Kolsch, Raspberry Wheat Beer, Scottish Beer, Wit Beer are all kinds of beer that fit in one or both of the two main categories by some of the virtues. Studies of beers is passion for many people worldwide.