Kinds Of Beyblades

There are different kinds of beyblades. The origin of beyblade games is traced back to the Japanese animation series which had 4 seasons. The featured seasons in this animation were the v-force, the G revolution, the metal fusion tops and the beyblades. It laid a foundation for making these spinning top toy games which were first released in the year 2000. They were introduced by Takara Tomy.

It has been one of the most enjoyed games worldwide. This game comes with four main kinds of beyblades. These are the stamina, the balance, the defence and the attack all with their own unique features for better performance of the game.

The attack beyblade

This beyblade is used when the battle is to end as fast as possible. In this game, they are considered to be one of the most aggressive of all kinds of beyblade.

The biggest question has always been how the attack beyblades achieve this very interesting phenomenon. The attack kinds of beyblade hit the opponent several times at the required spot. This effect causes the beyblades to opt for either stopping or to drastically slowing down. This results to the opponent clearly being knocked out of the arena. Examples of these kinds of beyblades include the poison, pegosus, random booster aqurio etc.

The stamina beyblade

They are widely known for their light weight. This light weight makes them to spin for a very long time when the game is on. This is a very effective and efficient way of achieving several hits while its energy content still remains the same (It does not loose energy easily).

These kinds of beyblade come with only one greatest challenge as it’s very difficult to keep these kinds of beyblade in the arena. Examples of the stamina beyblades are the earth virgo, the flams sagiltario, flame libra, random booster etc.

The defence beyblade

If you would wish to play for a very long period of time then you can definitely go for these kinds of beyblade. They are strong enough not to be defeated with much ease. Besides their strong trait they are also very heavy and therefore moving the defence beyblade is such a hell kind of a business.
These beyblades can be heated severally without being defeated. They are always the best choice when you’d wish to defeat the attack beyblades. Some of the common examples of these kinds of beyblade include grand ketos, escolpio, poison, zurafa etc.

The balance beyblade

The most common examples of the attack beyblades are the dark wolf,, the dark gasher, the earth eagle, the evil gemios etc. Their construction and design is always very unique as compared to the attack, stamina and the defence kinds of beyblades.
The balance beyblades blend all the attributes of all the other three beyblades making more efficient and multi-purpose. To defeat these kinds of beyblades requires a lot of skills and pretty smart skimming tactics.

Beyblades must always be straightened to guarantee reliability, stronger shots. It’s upon one to choose the kind of blade to go for if he/she is determined to win the game.