Kinds Of Bikes

There are different kinds of bikes manufactured for different purposes which come in a wide range of strength, abilities and styles. They are very important when it comes to working out. Examples of the most common kinds of bikes include the road bikes, the mountain bikes, the hybrid bikes, the touring bilks, the tandem and the recumbent and trikes bikes.

The road bikes
These kinds of bikes are popularly known as the road racing bikes. They have very narrow tires which are also very light. Their thin tires can support air at very high pressures making them more suitable for racing activities. They are not comfortable as the other bikes although the design makes them more responsive to ride and suitable for high-speed races as the center of gravity is maintained relatively low. In fact they are the lightest and the fastest bikes available.

The mountain bikes
These are off the road bikes which are very ‘rugged’ as they can absorb all forms of shocks on the rough terrains. These kinds of bikes are known for their high performance with very flat tires although ‘the slick’ tires are the most suitable uses. These bikes are heavy and therefore not ideal for long journeys.

The hybrid bikes
These kinds of bikes blend the features of both the mountain and road bikes making it more suitable for most terrains and very many occasions when one wishes to enjoy good bike rides. They are lighter but not as the road bikes average-tires. They are more comfortable besides having very many gears and with varieties of upright handlebars. These kinds of bikes are also very cheap.

The touring bikes
Although these bikes tend to be slow and very uncomfortable when they are being used in some terrains, they are the best choices for those who would wish to be very comfortable especially on long rides. They are also characterized with high performance and low gearing ability. Racks can be attached on these kinds of bikes making them more suitable for those with some few kilograms of loads.

The recumbents and the trike bikes
Recumbents are designed for people with neck, back or hand problems. They can only achieves high speeds when going downhill although they are less responsive as one cannot achieve sharp turns and are also very low.

The last kinds of bikes in this list are the tandem bikes. These are at time referred to as two in one bikes as it has two in built bicycles. It has two riders: the captain who is the front rider and the stoker who is the back rider. The captain controls the bike fully as he or she has an access to most essential parts of the bike such as the shafting, steering and the breaking systems while the stoker have limited accesses to the brakes of the bike. Both the two pedals are linked with a chain which ensures that they rotate in unison. They can be classified as the recumbent, mountain, road and hybrid tandems. In other words, the other bikes are simply modified to have two riders. They are preferred for leisure activities.