Kinds Of Birds Names

Spotting birds in our surroundings is common, whether at parks, gardens, on wires or at our windows. There are different kinds of birds names that come to our mind when someone asks us about the common birds in our surroundings. Some of the common kinds of bird’s names are crows, sparrow, robins, pigeons, doves, parrots, and eagles etc that are found in our surroundings.

Let us take a brief look at the various kinds of bird’s that are come to our surroundings and some that are witnessed in the wild.

City birds

These are the birds that are commonly found in the surroundings of cities and that live harmoniously with humans. These city birds are usually abundant in children parks or garden or any p lace with a lot of trees. They usually build their nests on these trees but there are quite a few birds that are known to build their nests closer to the human settlement like pigeons and sparrows that prefer elevator shafts, windows sills and other dark and cozy places around our homes to build their nests. There are some kinds of bird’s names that can be connected only close to human habitat like black kites, bulbuls, parrots, myna, kingfishers and crows.

These birds do not necessarily depend on humans for their food and find their own food in different seeds; fruits, small insects etc however they are very well adapted to the human civilization and can be commonly spotted on windows, telephone wires, electric poles etc. Most of them build nests on trees, while some like myna and parrot prefer holes inside abandoned trees. The one thing common in these birds that are found in human habitants or cities is that they all very adaptive of changes around them. Climatic changes, change in food sources etc do not make much difference to these birds.

Wild Birds

Some birds always keep away from human settlements and prefer living in the wild. These birds are very rarely spotted by humans, unless they are under captivity in zoos or sanctuaries or on TV. The different kinds of bird’s names that come to our minds when we talk about wild birds are falcons, hawks, eagles, hornbills, sunbirds, storks, herons, peacocks, quails, pheasants, vultures, buzzards, shikra, geese, swans, petrels, various tropicbirds etc. These birds stay away from the human settlement unless they are in captivity and usually fend for their food by eating small insects, seeds, worms, fruits, and small fish; while some are scavengers that eat rotten meat or other dead animals.

However, most of these wild birds live much longer under captivity as there is less danger of them to become prey to other big birds in the open and also they don’t have to fend for food and water. The average life span of wild birds is less as compared to the same species in the wild. Hence a lot of means are taken by nature lovers and sanctuaries to protect the birds under captivity however in their wild surroundings.