Kinds Of Boats

What are the different types of boats that you can use in water? Boat is the means of transportation through the bodies of water. It is a watercraft that is designed with high buoyancy allows it to float. Some boats are designed to be operated from an offshore boat, an example of which is the whaleboat. A boat that is small enough to be carried by other board is the main meaning of the naval term. Submarine is also considered as a boat since it travels in the water. Armed boat is the kinds of boats used by military forces such as boats that are carrying cannons for war. Here is the list of kinds of boats.

Human powered boats are referred to those boats that don’t use any mechanical power. These kinds of boats also include unpowered boats such as raft and floats that are commonly used in downstream like rivers. It only offers one way means of transportation. Human powered boats are those kinds of boats that travel using human strength. Some examples are canoes and kayaks which are mostly used in extreme sports competition or in extreme adventures. These days the canoes and kayaks are used by certain resort to provide more entertainment and adventure for their guests. Gondolas are also a type of human powered boat. It is a traditional boat that is structured with a flat bottom Venetian rowing boat. Mostly found European countries such as Italy, Venice, Paris and others. This is mostly used by person who likes to experience navigating through the top rated lagoons in a certain place. Punt is also an example of a human powered boat. It is structured with a flat bottom and a square cut bow. Mainly designed for small rivers.

Sailboats are those kinds of boats either partly or entirely propelled by a sail. It is larger than small vessels but is smaller than a ship. This uses the wind for speed in most of the time. It might look convenient since there is no need for mobile which means no mechanical oils are needed, but the sailboats is really un advisable for those who are not used to using it. Cause the position of the sail may vary upon the wind direction to obtain the desired direction. Recently sailboat is used in competitions and tournaments. Some even engage in extreme sports using these kinds of boats. The types of sailing boats are the sloop, cutter, catboat, fractional rig sloop, ketch, schooner, yawl, dohni, dinghy and hull.

Motorboats are the kinds of boats that are referred to as the boat that depends on mechanical power. These kinds of boats are very convenient to use and it has a wide variation of sizes from very small boats to big ships. Some motorboats has inboard motor and some has outboard motors. It is the most used type of boat recently cause it is much easier to use and more faster because it offers a consistent speed. V-drive is a type of motor boat that is becoming to be popular these days because it used in certain sports competitions such as wakeboarding and wake surfing.