Kinds Of Brain Tumour

Learn about kinds of brain tumour! The abnormal growth of brain cells is referred to as tumour. Some brain tumours might be very dangerous while others might not be very dangerous. On the other hand some have high growth rate while others have a very slow growth rate. These can also form basis through which tumours can be classified.
In this article, various kinds of brain tumour are classified as per the cells where they grow from or the cell that have an abnormal growth.

Brain tumours can be classified as either primary or secondary brain tumours. Primary brain tumours are the most common in the world today. They are referred to as primary brain tumours since they grow from the primary tissues which makeup the brain. These include:

The gliomas

These kinds of brain tumour majorly affect the brain supportive tissues of the glial cells. They’re very many kinds of gliomas brain tuomours which include:

The astrocytoma brain tumour

Astrocytes are star-shaped cells found in the brain. The undesired growth of these cells results to some kinds of brain tumour called the astrocytoma tumour. They affect both adults and children. Among adults, it commonly affects the brain cerebrum while in kids if majorly affects the brain stem, cerebellum and the cerebrum. There are two types of astrocytoma cells, which are the grade IV/ glioblastoma multiform and the grade III astrocytoma / anaplastic astrocytoma.
The higher grade astrocytoma is the brain stem gliomas which are very chronic as it leads to death since they cannot be removed. It severely affects the brain stem hence various important functions performed by the brain are affected.

The Oligodendrogliamas

These kinds of brain tumour grow at a very slower rate and they do not extend to the nearby brain tissues. It affects the myelin with middle-aged group being at a higher having these kinds of brain tumours. Research has proved that it’s not common.
Medulloblastomas which is also referred to as primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET).This is another kind of brain tumour which affects mostly boys as compared to girls. This growth is mostly common in the cerebellum. It originates from the primitive nerve cells.

The meningiomas kinds of brain tumours mostly affect women of age 30yrs to 50yrs. They are found in meninges. They grow at a very slow rate and do not affect the normal functions of the brain. Other kinds of brain tumours include the Schwannomas brain tumour from the Schwann cells and the Craniopharyngiomas brain from the pituitary glands.

The secondary brain tumours

These kinds of brain tumours originate from other body tissues after which they affect the brain tissue. Since the origin of these growths is not part of the brain tissues, they are thus referred to as the secondary brain tissues. For instance, these kinds of tumours may take place in liver and later spread to the brain where they will also be classified as kinds of brain tumours. When this takes place, then the tumour is normally referred to as metastatic liver tumour.