Kinds Of Bread

Explore different kinds of bread. Bread has remained to the world’s most popular food which is normally prepared using a mixture of dry ingredients, flour and some liquid. The liquid used can either be water, beer or any liquid depending on the expected taste of the bread. Some of the most common kinds of bread are listed below. This variation normally depends on the taste, contents and the texture of the bread.

The wholemeal bread
These breads are rich in vitamins, minerals and very rich in dietary fibre. Preparing these kinds of bread is somehow a tiresome procedure as water is added in stages to achieve the best dough. Furthermore, it requires a lot of water besides adding more gluten to the dough to make it stronger. This is because failure to do this, then the dough will obviously collapse.

Multigrain bread
They are sometimes referred to as mixed bread because they can be made by mixing white flour, wholemeal, wheatgerm, non-fat milk, honey, barley, oats amongst other cereals. This makes these kinds of breads to have an extraordinary taste besides having higher nutrients content. The various tastes can be achieved through blending nuts, vegetables, fruits etc.
Multigrain breads are also available in two forms. The ‘heavy’ multigrain have a higher grain content which makes it to have a dense texture while the ‘light’ multigrain is made of small amounts of kibbled grains or wheat. There is no big difference between these kinds of bread and the white bread.

The other kinds of bread are the kibbled bread which is made of grains which have been broken down to smaller particles. To achieve different tastes, either of the following can be added: barley, rye, alfalfa or rice.
Since the kibbled bread contains a lot of grains, the dough must be strong enough to withstand the weight of these numerous grains. This can only be achieved by adding gluten which is the protein responsible for hardening the dough.

The bagel
During preparation, dough must be boiled before the baking process begins. It’s one of the most common kinds of bread among the Jewish community. They are chewy and dense. Some of the existing varieties of the bagel include the wholegrain and the pumpernickel. They can either be served as sandwich or as breakfast bread with a variety of flavors such as spinach and the blueberry.

The last kinds of bread in this list are the fruit bread.
These breads are baked the same way as the other kinds of bread. They share the same recipe except that fruits are added to their recipe. Some of the major fruits used include orange peel, apricots, dates etc. Ingredients used may include the following however, they are not limited to these as achieving different flavors requires unique and specific ingredients. They include the cinnamon, sugar wash, egg wash, nutmeg and water wash.

All the existing kinds of breads come with their own unique nutritional contents. This will entirely depend on the ingredients used. Therefore it’s imperative to check the ingredients of all breads before purchasing to ensure they meet all your desires.