Kinds Of Breads

Enjoy the Many Kinds of Breads from all over the World

Bread is an essential part of our daily meals. Bread is known to be the most savored and loved staple food consumed all over the world. It is generally made from dough of wheat-flour. It can also consist of wheat species such as rye, oats, barley and maize. Different kinds of breads can be found in a super market’s bread section. They vary in size, ingredients, cost, shape and cooking time. Let’s understand various kinds of breads one by one.

1. White Bread
This kind of bread is made using wheat-flour which contains central core of grain. Different contents such as herbs, seeds, vegetable fours and oils are used to give a unique taste to the flavor of white bread.

2. Multigrain Bread
Unlike other kinds of bread, this one is prepared by a combination of rye flour and whole meal. Other contents such as honey, germ, gluten, seeds, nuts, spices, fruits, whole grains, cracked grains, barley, corn. Oats, triticale and rice millet are used for preparing multigrain bread. Multigrain bread is classified into heavy multigrain bread and light multigrain bread.

3. Rye Bread
As compared to other kinds of bread, rye bread is identified by its strong flavor and dark color. It has high amount of flour. A mixture of wheat flour and rye is used for preparing this bread.

4. Flat Bread
Flat bread consists of salt, water and flour only. Flat breads are single layered and double layered as well. One of the most popular types of flat bread is the Pita bread.

There are several other kinds of bread that have been derived from the above discussed basic kinds of breads. Ingredients introduced in making yummy breads include cheese, butter, berries, fruits and garlic. Garlic bread is an outcome of mixture of garlic spread, butter and oregano spread on French bread. The French bread is cut into thin slices. The spread is applied over them and then they are baked in oven for a few minutes until a golden color appears.

Bread is also presented with continental dishes. Some of the popular breads consumed all over the world include olive bread, foccacia, ricotta polenta, cornbread, gluten-free bread, damper and many more. Chinese steamed bread is consumed mostly in China and is a part of their everyday meals. Some other kinds of bread include walnut bread, potato dill bread and baguette. Walnut bread is prepared using simple recipe of multigrain bread just walnuts are added a little more. Blueberries and blue cheese have now been introduced in making fruit breads. These kinds of breads are mostly baked on order. Sourdough bread has a sour flavor and slightly denser texture. This is made from flour and water and mostly used as a starter. No yeast is added; the mixture is kept for fragmentation and used specially for leavening breads. Now that you are well aware with various kinds of breads, you can choose some yummy one’s for you self and your family.