Kinds Of Cameras

There are different kinds of cameras available in different sizes and prizes for different photographic needs. So whether, you are an individual who is looking for something very portable and simple or your photographic needs require you to get something very complex, you are surely going to see the ideal one for you. Below are some of the most common kinds of cameras available for different purposes.

Single Lens Reflex
This kind of camera only needs one lens for viewing and producing photos. It is very sophisticated and allows the photographer to have a full control of picture viewing and editing. They can be used alongside motor drives, flashes, interchangeable lenses, and other kinds of accessories. They have different photography settings and are mostly preferred by professional photographers.

Single Use Cameras
These cameras are the simplest of all kinds of cameras. They have color films packed in a cardboard that is recyclable. They have fixed focus lens and single shitter lens. It comes with a wide range of features, including water resistance and built in flash. These kinds of cameras require the photographer to take the film case to a photo shop in order to process the film and transform the negatives into pictures. As the name implies, they are used for simple photographs and are not suitable for serious or high quality photography. A typical price for this camera is around $10 to $20 and it can be recycled. They are mostly used during vacations.

Twin Lens Reflex
This kind of camera uses films that are larger than 30mm. It has two twin lenses which are placed on top of each other. The lens at the underside is focused squarely on the film. However, the other lens at the top produces an image when it reflects a mirror placed at 90 degrees on a horizontal focusing screen. The film path of the camera and the light path of the screen should be placed equal so that the image will be very sharp when the picture scene is sharply focused on the screen.

Compact Lens-Shutter
These kinds of cameras are available in three different variations: zoom, dual focal length and single focal length. These are others that have fixed focus (that is, pictures can be taken at a distance where images produced will be very sharp, beginning from 4 ft away and continuing to an infinity range. Other kinds of cameras in this category provide infrared auto focus, while some other models normally include certain features such as automatic shooting modes and red-eye flash.

Bridge Cameras
These kinds of cameras have features in between the more complex or complicated cameras and ‘point and shoot’ kinds of cameras. They are made up of several kinds of lens options and some provide red-eye flash feature. However, the focal range of this camera is very limited.

These are one of the most complex kinds of cameras that are usually used for more technical photography. They are lightweight, have interchangeable lenses, and are compact, allowing photographers to control exposure, focusing, lens aperture and shutter speed. However, the cons of this type of camera is they are very expensive and have limited focal length (usually between 20mm and 130mm)