Kinds Of Cancer

Learn about kinds of cancer. Cancer is one of the diseases that have killed many people, and the bad news is that no cure is in sight. The preventive measures are then promoted by government and non-government organisations that want to spread awareness of this disease. Many kinds of cancer are hereditary in nature. While not all of the relatives of cancer victims and survivors will develop this disease, these individuals should take extra precaution because they are more predisposed to this disease than everyone else.

There are many kinds of cancer, and here are some of them.

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is one of the kinds of cancer that spread quick all over the body. In this case, there is an excess of lymphoblasts in the blood stream. Malignant WBCs are over produced inside the bone marrow. Death comes when the WBCs continue to reproduce and overpower the normal cells inside the bone marrow. This kind of cancer develops during childhood, although some cases have been recorded in the elderly. There are many people that have survived this and other kinds of cancer of the same nature.

Lymphoma is one classification of blood cancer that comes about when T or B lymphocytes start acting in an abnormal way. These lymphocytes reproduce faster, and persist longer compared to normal cells. These abnormal cells may develop in different body parts, the most common of which are the lymph nodes and bone marrow, as well as the spleen.

Anal cancer is often mistaken for colorectal cancer, but the truth is that these are different kinds of cancer. As the name suggest,this type of cancer originates from the anusdstarts as a squamous cell carcinoma. This can be considered keratinizing or cloacogenic.

Adenocarcinoma is an epithelium cancer coming from in glandular tissue. Epithelial tissue refers to the surface skin layer, complete with glands. Malignant adenocarcinoma, like other kinds of cancer, usually invade normal tissue. Metastasis is expected over time.

A brainstem glioma is one of the many types of cancer, and it starts as a glioma tumor inside the brain. This happens early in life, before twenty years old, and begins by spreading from the spinal cord to the rest of the nervous system.

Sarcoma is also one of the kinds of cancer that start from mesenchymal cells that have undergone transformation. This malignant tumor can be made of different kinds of tissues like cartilage, fat, bone, muscle, or vascular tissue.

Melanoma is one of the common kinds of cancer that occur in the skin cells. Although the common site of the cancer is the skin, this can also occur in the bowel region or the eyes. Anywhere there are melanocytes, this cancer type may appear.

Colorectal cancer is also called colon cancer. Abnormal cell growth in the colon region can be the start of this kind of cancer. Sometimes, the disease starts in the appendix. Initial warning signs involve rectal bleeding and subsequent anemia.

Early intervention includes detection of the cancer cells and proper surgery of the tumor. Many people survive cancer and avoid re-growth of cancer cells by living healthy.