Kinds Of Candy

There are several kinds of candy available in the market today. Candies are also known as sweets or confectionery. The kinds of candy are classified based on the size of the sugar crystals, color, sugar concentration, aeration and the type of sugar used for making the candies.

How are these candies prepared? Different kinds of candies have different preparation techniques, though the basic procedure almost remains the same.Basically, the sugar or sucrose is dissolved in water and this solution is cooked till it gets concentrated into a solid mass, or it can be allowed to re-crystallize once it reaches the saturation level. Some jelly candies are prepared by using starch, pectin or gelatin. They are chewy in texture. Cotton candy is prepared by charring the sugar solutions till it caramelizes. The Chocolate candy is made from the roasted, fermented and ground beans of the cacao tree. The main ingredients in the preparation of chocolate are cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, milk, flavorings and emulsifiers.  The gummies are made with the help of gelatin, sugar and colors.

The broad classification of the kinds of candies is as follows:

Caramels – This candy is mixed with pieces of peanuts or coconut, and are made with caramelized sugar.
Chocolates – Chocolates are made from the beans of the cacao tree. They can be blended with other flavors like mint, caramel, etc.

Gummies -These are gelatin based chewable candies and come in different flavors.
Hard candy – These kinds of candies are made by boiling sugar and allowing it to re-crystallize. These candies dissolve gradually in the mouth.

Licorice – These are semi-soft candies. These come in flavors of licorice and strawberry.

Lollies – The Lollies are hard in nature and are cast on a stick. The Bradley Smith Company named the stick as Lollipop and trademarked the product in the year 1931.
Sours – The Sours are prepared from the sour fruit flavors.

Gum – The gums are available as chewing gum or bubble gum.
Classic Candies – The Classic Candies have wider varieties, made out of peanut, coconut, honey and different fruit slices. The

U-No Bar is a truffle-type bar where almond pieces are coated in chocolate and they are wrapped in silver wrappers.

The Japanese Candy – The Japanese candies are made from chewy rice and is warped with edible rice paper.

The Philippines CandyóThese are made from water, buffalo’s milk, sugar and flavors and are very soft in nature. This is a special Kind of Candy.

Cotton Candy – Beet sugar or Cane sugar is processed into sucrose and then used for making cotton candies. The best Cotton candies are made from fine sugar mixed with flossine and hence cotton candy are often referred to as candy floss.
Apart from these types, there are several other kinds of candies which are available and they come in different flavors and colors and attract people of all ages! Mentioning them in brief is beyond the scope of this article, but the list is never-ending!