Kinds Of Car Tint

Different kinds of car tint offer car owners a lot of benefits that include privacy, protection and safety from the sun. To some people, however, they add window tint on their cars to simply look cool. Before choosing which kinds of car tint to use, it is important to review the law in your state. Some states don’t allow car tints to be too dark. There are various kinds of car tint depending on the needs of a car. There are two ways to classify tints. One is by the type of tinting material deposited onto the film or by the percentage of tint.

Here are tints based on the tinting materials used

Dyed Film – this is designed to block heat and is usually applied inside the window. This film is mainly used for its appearance and is not the most ideal when it comes to quality. They can fade in just a matter of months but they are very affordable.

Deposited Film – made by placing metal on the film. These films provide good protection at a low cost. The application of this film is limited because of its thickness. It has a darker result and brings a reflective tint. This is also called metallic window tint.

Sputtered Film – these kinds of car tint are much lighter and thinner and are being used in different applications. This film can block any type of rays and also brings a mirror effect and offers excellent heat absorption. This type of car tint is more expensive because of its complex production process which involves atomic manipulation.

Hybrid Tinting Film – these are considered to be a premium film. The tint gives a charcoal color and what most customers decide on their cars. This film consists of a combination of dyes and metals and provides good heat with less reflection.

Carbon Film – one of the nicest looking films. It is black in color and gives a look of dyed film. This is what car owners choose if they want to give their car a sporty look.

Here are tints based on the percentage of tint

50 Percent Tint – this is a light tint and transmits 50 percent of visible light and reflects 9 percent of it.

35 Percent Tint – this transmits 35 percent of visible light and reflects 7 percent of it. It is also a light tint.

20 Percent Tint – transmits 20 percent of visible light and reflects 7 percent and is considered a medium tint type.

5 Percent Tint – this only transmits 5 percent of visible light and reflects 5 percent of it. This is a dark type of tint.

Another factor to consider before choosing any of the different kinds of car tint is the climate of the country. For extremely hot weather it is, dark tint is better and for cold weather, a medium type of tint would do. It is very important to do proper research and as questions before deciding on the type of tint you want for your vehicle.