Kinds Of Careers

Learn and discuss the kinds of careers out there. There comes a time in everyone’s life, somewhere between 5 and 62, that he has to decide upon the kinds of careers he is willing to follow. Among the realm of infinite possibilities, I believe there are three kinds of career paths that shine brighter among all others because they are both enjoyable and profitable. If you are currently at this critical point in your life, between early childhood and early senescence, and need to figure out what to make of yourself, I believe that the following list will prove to be more than helpful.

Most kinds of careers that require that you wear a uniform appear to have their charm, but a the firefighter’s career is almost every boy’s dream. Maybe it’s the children’s stories that parents read to them before going to bed, or the simple aspiration to become a hero. After all who doesn’t like being the center of attention and enjoy some well-deserved respect for his heroic actions? But maybe, I say maybe, it is the innate laziness that nests inside every man’s heart. The typical firefighter makes around $45,000 a year. And what are his duties? Besides, putting out a fire twice a year, the rest of the days firefighters stay at the station playing backgammon and texas holdem, while waiting for an emergency call from an old lady, whose cat has been trapped in the small wooden house on the top of the tree. The one thing that is actually expected from them is to work out and stay in shape just in case, just in case what? A hot chick passes by and falls in love with their rounded muscles and well-defined abs! There is no doubt that becoming a firefighter belongs to those kinds of careers that are definitely enjoyable, and that is why it comes so easily to every boy’s mind.

There are many kinds of careers one can follow in the corporate world, but IMSFE seems to be the most wisely chosen career path. Wait! What? Let me make this plain for you. Inheriting, Managing, and Spending Family Estate! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy parading around the city in a fancy Porsche with a hot babe sitting next to him on a leather couch that heats up proportionally to her hotness, and doing so without worrying about how much he spends, and most importantly without ever having to work? And if one, for some inexplicable reason, ever decides to settle down and start working like everybody else, why not have tons of money already and numerous businesses to choose from?! Exactly! This is an all-time profession that no one could ever say no to!

Last but not least, on the top of the most enjoyable and pleasure kinds of careers, is the world’s oldest profession adjusted to modern life. So, for those that are hard workers and like to sweat it in order to earn their living, what better way than to offer escorting services! It is, of course, a demanding career. One has to be personable, likable, and an excellent performer in the bedroom. But the job is also highly rewarding: money, expensive gifts, and a lot of action, if you know what I mean. In other words, why choose a boring desk job, and not choose the fancy ride with the Porsche next to a young attractive playboy, while making a few K by the hour? It is only logical.