Kinds Of Cells In The Body

All living beings have different kinds of cells in the body. The kinds of cells in the body of plant are different from those in the bodies of animals. Human beings have different kinds of cells in the body which serve different functions and that make up different body parts. Knowing the different kinds of cells in the body can be highly interesting since it can help know the human body better.

There are many individual kinds of cells in the body but the kinds of cells in the body can be classified as per their function or as per the tissues they form. The cell classifications as per tissues are as follows:

– Nerve cells

– Blood cells

– Muscle cells-

– Skeletal muscle cells

– Cardiac muscle cells

– Smooth muscle cells

– Bone cells or osteocytes

– Cartilage cells or chondrocytes

– Epithelial cells

– Secreatory cells

– Adipose cells

Cells are also classified as per the functions that they serve in the body. They are as follows:

– Conductive cells- these cells make up nervous and muscle tissues. As the name suggests these cells form tissues that conducts electrical impulses to and from different parts of our bodies.

– Connective cells- these cells make up bone tissues and blood. They help connect different tissues and cells.

– Glandular cells- these cells are found in all different glands and are secretory cells. These cells secrete a large variety of enzymes, hormones and other fluids that are essential for bodily functions.

– Supportive cells- these cells are essential since they provide structure and support to other cells. Thus without these cells other crucial cells would not be able to form the tissues that they form.

– Storage cells- human bodies need to store nutrients for gradual usage. These storage cells are make up the adipose tissues and are also found in the liver. These cells store nutrients which are drained when the body needs it.

– Stem cells- these cells are highly essential since these are the basic cells which can form any cell that our body requires. It is the most basic building block of the human body. Without this cell the human body would not be able to come into existence.

– Rods and cones- these are specialized cells which captures images and light to help human beings see. Without the rods and cones one would not be gifted with the power of vision.

– Reproductive cells- there are two kinds of reproductive cells they are different for males and females. The female reproductive cells are oocytes while the reproductive cells in males are the sperms. These are haploid cells which mean that they have only one chromosome structure.

– Ciliated cells- tiny ciliated tissues are found in respiratory organ and tract as well as the esophagus. These are made up of ciliated cells. The ciliated cells help strain impurities thus are crucial.

The different kinds of cells in the body stated above are what makes up the ins and outs of the human bodies.