Kinds Of Chocolate Bars

Discover the kinds of chocolate bars. Chocolate has been known for a very long time as romantic gifts because of the good taste. There are different kinds of chocolate bars which come in variety of tastes, costs, brands and compositions. Although there are very many chocolate bars in the word, this article will only cover few of the most popular brands of chocolate bars. They include:

The Ferrero Rocher

This is the world’s known brand of chocolate bar. These kinds of chocolate bars are made of hazelnut, hazelnut milk, roasted walnut and wafer milk coating. This makes this chocolate to be on high demand which has forced the company producing it to produce a variety to give it’s a variety of taste and flavour to choose from.

Lindt Sprungli

These are also widely known kinds of chocolate bars. They are characterized with a hard shell and a very smooth feeling. It’s a Swiss product. The two popular forms in which these chocolates comes in are the bar form or ball form. Among the existing flavours of the lindt sprungli are milk, mocha, mint, butter and peanut. They also come in a variety of colours to satisfy various consumer needs.


Ghirardelii are famous kinds of chocolate bars from the United States of America. They are widely known for their unique taste and their content; the cocoa beans. They also come in a variety of flavours, tastes and colours.


Guy Foubert was the first to produce these kinds of chocolate bars in 1960. His wife being Liliane, he settled for the name Guylian. Since then, this brand has been doing so well in the market as it’s among the top ten chocolate brands. They are well known of their Sea Shells Praline which has different feelings.


It’s made in Lebanon and was founded by Nizar Choucour. These kinds of chocolate are tailored for its customers in the Middle East and it has a pretty good taste. In fact it’s the leading selling kinds of chocolate bars in the Middle East and very expensive. Its major ingredient is fine cocoa.


Galaxy is available in dairy galaxy, galaxy dark and galaxy caramel. It’s widely consumed by women and children.


These kinds of chocolate bars were first produced in 1932 in the United Kingdom by the Mars incorporate. Its ingredients include the caramel and the nougat. Due to competition from other companies which produce other kinds of chocolate bars, Mars incorporation changed both its logo and some ingredients. As a result, they came up with Mars Almond, Mars Chill, Mara Lava, Mars Dark and White etc. This made the company to capture a wider market.

Toblerone and Cadbury

These are products of Kraft Foods. Toblerone was first owned by Jacobs Suchard and they come in very attractive prism shapes.
On the other hand, Cadbury is one of the most common and available in almost all shopping malls worldwide. These kinds of chocolate bars come in different flavours and testes besides being one of the cheapest chocolate bars available.