Kinds Of Clothes For Men

There are different kinds of clothes for men available in the open markets that are varying from one region to another. Thus, the kinds of clothes for men would vary based upon the ethnicity, geographical locations and climatic conditions of a region. There is one other factor on which the kinds of clothes for men would depend upon which are the cultural traditions.

Traditional kinds of clothes for men:

For men, the traditional kinds of clothes can be as follows:


Dhotis are the clothes which are ranging in sizes from 4 to 6 feet long. These are the long white and sometimes colored strips of cotton. More generally, these traditional clothes are being worn by men in village localities. These attires are being held in a place by the style of wrapping around. At sometimes, this type of cloth would be held in a place by using a belt that would be tied around the waist. One could see that the men wearing shirts over their dhotis.


Similar to dhotis, lungis are also the long strips of clothes. These are tucked in or over the waist in general. More usually, one could see the men placing the lungis until the length of the knees and sometimes, they would allow to lay over which would reach until the ankles. These kinds of clothes for men are usually worn by the people who are working in workshops or in fields.

Generally, the lungis fall into 2 categories namely, open lungi and stitched lungi. Open lungis are the plain sheets of cotton while stitched lungis would have its open ends stitched with each other thereby forming the structure of the tube.


Sherwani is the long coat that would its buttons along the length of the placket. Usually, the length of this kind of clothe would be below the knee. The jacket would be having a collar that is standing up known as Nehru collar. This sherwani would be worn with the tight-fit pants and trousers. More usually, one could see the men wearing the sherwani during the functions like weddings. Sherwani would come in colors like cream, ivory and gold. This set would be accompanied by a scarf.

In addition to the traditional kinds of clothes for men, one could see the western type of clothing being worn by men.

Western kinds of clothes for men:

Western Shirts:

This type of shirt would be characterized by the stylish yoke in the front and at the back. This type of shirt would be manufactured using denim and tartan fabrics. These shirts would be having long sleeves in general. In most modern forms, these shirts could be seen with the snap pockets along with the patches made of bandana fabric and a fringe.


Jeans are the kinds of trousers that would be made from denim and the dungaree clothes. These types of trousers would come in various kinds of fits like skinny, straight, boot cuts and many more.

The western kinds of clothes for men would also include different types of hats, coats, trousers, neck wears and even different kinds of foot wears.