Kinds Of Clothes

What are different kinds of clothes for women?

Clothes depict one’s personality, profession and sense of fashion. Women are more conscious about their sense of clothing therefore different kinds of clothes are available for them. There are no calculated kinds of clothes; the most basic kinds can be formal and informal. Some call these kinds as formal and casual. Formal clothes are further divided into sub categories such as evening dresses, couture, finery and clothes for work. Similarly informal clothes include semiformal clothes, party wear, swimwear, fancy dresses, nightwear and etc. Instead of getting confused about kinds of clothes lets discuss all the possible types one by one.

Evening dresses for women include shirts, dress pants, coat, gowns, maxis and knee-length silk or satin dresses. These kinds of clothes usually have dark or very light colored fabric. Semi-formal clothes include party wear and fancy clothes. Frocks, middies, skirts, flare frocks and blouse, all are semi-formal clothes. These kinds of clothes are can be colorful, funky, strapless, sleeveless and usually have flares. Big prints and patterns are usually a part of semi-formal clothes. Casual clothes consist of jeans, t-shirts, tan tops, shorts, mini-skirts, tights, jackets, knee-length pants. Casual clothes are made of soft material and therefore very comfortable. Net stockings are included in formal clothes. Casual clothes are lose, attractive and can have bright colors.

Other kinds of clothes consist of beachwear, nightwear and haute couture. These kinds of clothes are in fact very interesting for women to purchase. Beachwear for women include an underwear, bra and costume. Beachwear for women have several variations. These kinds of clothes have bright colors, stretchable material, not see-through and fitted. Some beachwear also have crystal stones, beads and chains. Beachwear are usually incorporated with beach hats and caps. Nightwear for women include silk and chiffon nighties, pair of bra and underwear, loose trousers and sleeveless shirts. Usually nightwear are see-through, very soft, light colored and light-weight.

Kinds of clothes present in haute couture category are a creation of renowned designers. These clothes are highly expensive, royal, elegant, attractive and sophisticated. These clothes are designed for celebrities, important personalities and highly fashion conscious individuals. Women wearing clothes from the haute couture category are trendsetters. They set fashion rather than creating one.

One category to identify is the costumes for parties. These kinds of clothes are worn according to a specific theme. Halloween parties have specific costumes and dresses for example wearing clothes to become a ghost, witch, vampire and etc. New characters such as Angry Birds, cartoon character clothes and others are also a part of costumes for theme parties. Women have never-ending choices available in this category.

You being a women, wear any kinds of clothes, whether formal or casual, party wear or beach wear, it is important to incorporate each dress with the right accessories and shoes. Wearing good clothes but unusual accessories can spoil the entire look. Always remember, clothes represent your true personality. Select the clothes that suits your body shape and personality.