Kinds Of Clothing For Women

There are various kinds of clothing for women across the globe. The kinds of clothing for women vary from region to region, religion to religion, culture to culture and time to time. There are various kinds of clothing for women that women from other countries, religion, cast and culture may not wear. Although all such discriminatory barriers are breaking down we see that the kinds of clothing for women are still restricted in certain religion and countries. Even if there is no restriction the women may want to wear their traditional garbs instead of those from other regions or religions.

Even if we focus on the westernized kinds of clothing for women we see that there is a large variety of styles and designs that are popular. Clothing can be based on functionality. The different types of women’s clothing based on functionality are as follows-

Formal clothing

In most countries of the world standard formal clothing for women are formal shirts, formal skirts or formal pants and a blazer or coat. This is what women around the world prefer to wear as formals. But in many countries formal wear still has an ethnic touch, which means that the women wear ethnic garb as formal clothes. Yet western formal clothing has now become more popular even in the most traditional countries.

Casual clothing

This type of clothing boasts a large variety of sub styles of clothing. Generally casual clothing for women means comfortable yet stylish clothing. Most women choose their casual clothes based on their body type, skin tone as well as occasion. A pair of baggy pants and T-shirt can be called casual clothing while a nice girly skirt and a fitting top can also be called casual clothing. So, it is hard to tabulate the various kinds of casual clothing.

Party clothing

Women dress up the most for special occasions. In such cases the party clothes make their appearance. There are various kinds of garments that fall under party clothes. While in many countries the finest ethnic clothing can be the best garb for the occasion, as per western clothing style dictates. The occasion is also a major factor when it comes to choosing party clothes. One cannot wear a flashy sequin dress to a quite house party while wearing a mellow cocktail dress may not be best for the club parties. So, it is for women to decide their pick for parties.

Sports wear

Since sports require specialized gear women need to abide by them no matter what. This is one clothing type which is more or less uniform. For example for swimming women need to wear swimming costumes. Although the design of sportswear can vary they need to be in accordance with the requirements of the sport.

These are the broad categories of kinds of clothing for women there are many other kinds of clothing that cannot be categorized. Even under the categories there are many sub categories. In all it is hard to classify all the different kinds of clothing which women around the word adorn.