Kinds Of Clothing Materials

There are many different kinds of clothing materials found these days. They can be man made or artificial. Examples of natural materials are cotton, wool, leather and fur. Artificial materials include polyester, nylon and Spandex. Some other materials which are not widely used include hemp and rubber.

The kind of clothing material that has been used for many years is the cotton. It has remained the most popular material for clothing even with the emergence of other types of materials. It is normally good to iron clothes made from cotton as they are prone to wrinkles. Cotton clothes are known to shrink when they are washed for the first time. Cotton clothes have to be iron on a regular basis to keep its good appearance.

Leather has been used for clothing since the start of humanity. They are made up of the outer layer of the animal skin. They are dyed and used to make clothes. People love to use it to make clothes because it lasts long and its ability to give room for breathing. Suede is a material that is close to leather but it is not as long lasting as the leather.

Many different kinds of clothing materials are made from the use of rubber. Examples are dresses, body suits and flipflops.

Linen materials are derived from the fibers of a plant called flux plant. People love this kind of clothing material because:

1. They are easy to wear and take care of.

2. They are very strong and can last for even 20 years.

3. Provide the best feeling of comfort and calm.

4. They absorbent and readily eliminate perspiration.

5. Its ability to keep warmth.

Silk are a kind of clothing material made by fibers of worms called silkworms. They are beautiful and are used to make clothes that are superior in make and quality. Silk has some advantages:

1. They can be easily be dyed with any color and they wash well.

2. They are relatively strong.

3. They can be worn in any climate.

Polyester is an artificial material used for making clothes. They have a high ability to keep on its color and resist wrinkles. While washing clothes that are made from this kind of material, do not leave it in the machine for long when machine washing as it may make it shrinks.

There are kinds of clothing material that are made from wool. Wool can be attained from many kinds of animals like sheep, for example.

Wool materials can retain its appearance even after being creased and washed. It can retain its appearance and strength after many years of wear and tear. Wool carries more weight than most other clothing materials and it is considered an advantage because it insulates the body from the loss of heat during cold times.

Rayon is material made from natural fibers. They are partially natural and partially synthetic. They can be used for making clothes that copy linen, cotton or silk. Their good features is it durability, ability to absorb and comfort.