Kinds Of Clothing Styles

There are many kinds of clothing styles; people normally choose the kind of dressing mode that suits them most. Some people choose to wear clothes that are in tandem with the new fashion designs but others choose kinds of clothing styles according to their desires. The main aim in choosing the type of clothes to wear should be clothes that you feel content in. People should know what they want to wear in order to feel satisfied and not wearing the kind of clothes that their friends wear or want them to wear.

Clothing Style Based on Body Type

Understanding your body shape while choosing kinds of clothing styles of clothing to wear should be a major thing. There are various types of body shapes both in women and in men. Women have their body types grouped into four categories; round where the bodies are usually circular, triangular where the upper body is thin and lower body is broad, hour glass where the body is perfectly shaped and rectangular body type where the body is uniformly thin. Clothes are usually made for all these body types and people should purchase clothes that fit them well and blend in with their body types.

Clothing Style Based on Personality

Identifying ones personality is another step in deciding what kinds of clothing style to choose. This entails wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in. People tend to judge others by the way they cloth. Therefore, it is good to put on clothes that you will feel comfortable in. If your choice of dressing style is wearing suits or jeans and T-shirts you ought not to feel bad being in the same. You should instead follow your taste and wear what you are fully content in. Clothes are usually a picture of who we really are and therefore you should not be afraid to be whom you are.

Clothing Style Based on Lifestyle

Kinds of clothing styles tend to change from time to time and this mostly affects the youths. Teenagers like to wear the new designs to impress or fit into their peer groups. Weird clothes and funny hairstyles are worn by the teenagers as they try to get the newest looks. However fashion does not only affect the teenagers everyone is affected by new clothes design. New designs of suits for example tend to be embraced by many working class people a majority of them being people in their prime years.

Clothing Style Based on Occasion

Fashion designs are inclusive of all types of weather, functions and age for example there are clothes made specifically for parties. These types of clothes cannot be suitable for any other function besides parties. The same applies to clothes designed for cold weather. They cannot be worn during warm weather thus there is need to identify clothes that suit specific occasions and weather conditions.

Clothing Style Based on Design

Some of the people especially the wealthy people have designers who choose and make clothes for them. This is usually a good decision because the designer is usually someone who has knowledge in what types of clothes suits specific types of bodies and helps people in choosing what types of clothing to wear during various occasions. Having a designer enables one to have clothes made according to their choice if it is wearing fitting clothes or loose clothes it all depends on their will. While choosing kinds of clothing styles you ought to understand all the factors in clothing and then make an informed decision.