Kinds Of Coffee Cups

Let’s take a look on different kinds of coffee cup. At present, thousands of people are so addicted to drinking coffee and often times we prefer to spend our break time at coffee shops because this is where we feel at home especially after a long day at work. Whether we are at home, office or other place where we usually hang out in, we always see to it to have our personal coffee cup. This is so because we feel comfortable using only our own cup in which no one else can be allowed to use it.

Due to an increasing number of coffee drinkers these days, kinds of coffee cups are now sold in wide variety of shapes, materials as well as sizes. In addition, there are countless of useful coffee containers manufactured primarily for bringing hot drinks on the go and there are exquisite saucer and cup designs which are perfect for serving special coffees at home, company meetings, parties, special gatherings and many more. It is very interesting to know that there are various kinds of coffee cups which are designed to delight every coffee lover.

Latte and Espresso coffee cups

These come in styles which frequently have cups and saucers. They are designed having expanded mouth intended for adding marshmallow, nutmeg, cinnamon or whipped cream of your choice. Many people prefer to use this type for serving hot chocolate or mocha beverage wherein the stirring spoon can be put on the saucer.

Travel coffee cups

These come in short or tall sizes and also designed with a covered top. These are usually manufactured to precisely suit the cup holders inside cars. Travel coffee cups are commonly made of stainless steel with rubber-like trim to prevent burning one’s hand while drinking and this enables drinkers to be comfortable and have a good grip on the cup.

Humorous or oversized kinds of coffee cups

Among the kinds of coffee cups, these are the ones usually given as presents. Some people use oversized mug to put some more sweets or surprise items inside it. On the other hand, some people use humorous cups to cheer up someone who is sick or recently got sick or it’s ideal to give to someone who is experiencing some unhappy thoughts due to sad happenings in his/her life. These types are designed in various styles which are so cute and adorable.

Stainless steel coffee cups

These are available in different styles especially made for home use. Meanwhile, see-through coffee cups or mugs may provide a fancy look and they are available at less expensive price. Transparent glass cups are great choice since they complement well with any style and color of other table wares at home, in the workplace or diners.

Most kinds of coffee cups are commonly packaged in a box which contains at least four or more coffee mugs. They are generally sold with metal or wood stand which is specifically created to sit on a counter top. Furthermore, handle shapes and sizes differ extensively in coffee cups. The handle shapes of most coffee mugs come in square, round, rectangular and oval design. Often times, the kinds of coffee cups we use may significantly influence our mood and the beverage we drink tastes more delicious, more inviting and more relaxing.