Kinds Of Communication Processes

Communication is a way of interchanging information, ideas, emotions, feelings and thoughts by use of spoken language, signs, written material or conduct. There are three major kinds of communication processes.

Kinds Of Communication Processes.

People exchange information in different ways depending with the kind of message to be sent and the circumstance in which the receiver and the sender are in. One has to remember that the choice in which one chooses to convey the message affects the communication process so, many ways of communication have been in existence.

The kinds of communication process established over the path which communication happened are: verbal communication and non-verbal communication.

I. Verbal Communication:

This refers to the kind of communication process in which the content of what is being communicated is delivered verbally and sometimes accompanied with writings. The purpose of every communication process is to make sure that the message being sent is being understood.

It is easy to presume that others are understanding what we are trying to say because we know what we are saying. That is not what occurs always. This is because they talk with their own attitude, anger and perception which creates a condition that makes it difficult to get the right meaning delivered.

To get the right message conveyed, one must put himself on the receivers point of view and figure out the right way to deliver the message in order to be understood.

The verbal kind of communication process, to a greater extent, is divided into yet another two kinds which are Oral communication and written communication.

Oral Communication:

This is where words are uttered through a medium of speech. It includes face to face talking, delivering a speech, talking over the telephone, internet, television or video. One major reward of this kind of communication is that one can get an immediate feedback. One weakness of this kind of communication is that one can be misunderstood easily because it is hard to think about what one is talking about while actually talking.

Written Communication:

Messages are delivered in this kind of communication process by use of letters, symbols and signs. They can be printed or hand written. The way of delivering using this method is determined by a lot of things including, style, language, clarity of thought and grammar. Some of the ways of delivering using this method are; e-mail, letter writing text messaging etc. Written communication is considered a very important skill in business. Written communication actually has a lot of rewards. One is the ability to revise the message and correct errors before sending them.

II. Non-Verbal Communication.

This is the sending and receiving of messages without the use of words. It involves the use of body motions to emphasize and help to express a feeling or thought. The advantage of using this type of communication style is that it it gives an accurate reflection of the message.

The kinds of communication process can also be categorized as; Formal and Informal communication. Formal communication has certain rules governing how the information is delivered while informal communication is its contrast(does not follow any guidelines).