Kinds Of Communication Technology

There are different kinds of communication technology. From the end of the nineteenth century, the way of communication between the people has been transformed to a larger extent. The revolution in technology has happened so quickly that people no longer beholden to pen and parchment. Now, the people can deliver larger amounts of data with the push of a single button. New kinds of communication technology have connected both the people as well as businesses.


The way of communication between was revolutionized by Alexander Graham Bell with his patent on the telephone during the year 1876. During the last century, more advances in technology have replaced the heavier hardwares and the metal wirings of the original design of the telephone with the light-weighted micro-circuits. These have led to the transformation from landlines to wireless kinds of communication technology. This allows the people to talk with each other expanding businesses and enhancing relationships between them. The telephones allow the instant communication and with the new advancement, these kinds communication technology integrates video and internet.


The first sophisticated form of radio transmitter was created by Reginald Fessenden during the year 1906 which was an expansion of the ideas of Guglielmo Marconi who had sent music and speech through the airwaves. The invention made by Reginald Fessenden of the radio allowed the sound and information to be broadcasted to wide range of audience. During 1920s, various companies started advertising their products to the customers across the globe. During 1930s, the radio expanded further to news, politics and sports and started to be broadcasted to millions of people each day.


The television was introduced to the common people during the year 1946 and since then, the television found to have exploded around the world. With the help of television, the companies not only able to describe about their products but also had the opportunities to showcase them. Further moving forward, the television has become more predominant source of communication to the wide audience. Also, television changed the landscape of political and cultural landscapes.


The invention of the internet allowed the various computer networks from across the world to connect with each other and gave the individuals with an access to the incredible wealth of information. It could be astonishing to know about the fact that in the year 2010, about one half of the population of world had access to the internet.

The kinds of communication technology which comes under internet are as follows:

– E-mail: E-mail has become the standard form of communication in businesses especially which require short messages requiring the quick actions. This kind of communication technology allows the people to take care of several customers, partners and stakeholders without the use of lengthier conversations.

– Social Networking: Various kinds of social networking sites would be required for getting the people’s messages out to the public. One could gather his or her friends over these websites and these are the places where one could be able to do relationship marketing.

In addition to the aforementioned kinds of communication technology, there are some other technologies like Texting, Instant Messaging, Tweeting, Blogs and Video conferencing are also used by the people.