Kinds Of Communication

Learn about kinds of communication. Communication is a procedure of interchanging information, ideas, opinions, thinking, notions and emotions by words, signs, composing, or conduct. Communication is really significant in any relationship. Deficiency of proper and right communication and communication gaps can produce disorder in any relationship. To run things smooth, kinds of communication one is using plays a vital role. One can approach to an effective resolution to any dilemma only via proper communication

Kind of communication depends upon message that one wants to convey and its context in which it is been delivered. Below are those kinds of communication that can affect dealings and relationship.

Verbal communication relates to the type of communication where message is carried verbally. Communication is handled by word of mouth and a bit of writing. It is further classified into below two types:

Oral Communication
In oral communication, verbal words are employed. It includes face-to-face speeches, television, and telephonic exchange of information or radio.

Written Communication
In written communication, written signals or symbols are employed to communicate. A written content may be published or hand written. Here message can be carried through email, letter, reporting, memorandum etc.

It is the transmitting of wordless/unspoken messages. It is the communication apart from oral and written, like body language, attitude, tendency of voice, posture and facial gestures. Nonverbal communication is all about the visual communication of speaker.

Apart from above, there are some other kinds of communication as well:

In this type, certain rules and principles are followed when communicating information

Informal communication is done using carriers and mediums that are in distinction with formal mean of communication.

There are some influencing objects that effects communication. The frequency of these objects and their intensity also plays an important role in disturbance in communication. Clearness of speaking, loudness, volume, writing style, language used, vocabulary etc are some of them. These influencers also depend upon kind of communication person uses.

Communication expertise is an art and if you can dominate this skill, you can resolve many issues in life easily. Moreover, communication is also significant to persuade others and kinds of communication one uses in his daily life to do this job may vary from situation to situation. It plays a prominent role in communal conventions and company transactions. It is the mean to exchange feelings, messages, and contents between parties. Depending on the traits, manner, and the situation, people use different kinds of communication models as explained above.

In communication practice, a person encodes a message and then via a channel directs it to the recipient who decodes it and after processing, sends back suitable comment using a channel. This statement clearly shows that using a proper channel is very important. So in conveying a message, another important thing besides kinds of communication is type of medium one is using to transmit the information to the receiver

To make decision on what kind of communication one should use, there are number of measures.
– Quickness in response
– Need of checking of message before sending
– Need of understanding of message
– Time of exchanging information
– Requirement of Instant feedback
– Authentication of message
– Feelings related to sound and body language, if needed