Kinds Of Countertops

Learn and discuss the kinds of countertops. Countertops look great as always and it has been there in the market for more than a decade. Due to the changing taste in home design the countertops are still appealing to the customers.

The following list will give you a good idea of popular residential countertops

Granite – Granite has an excellent resistance to heat and stands up to heavy use. It is a natural material which works well to update your kitchen and add cachet to the interior.

Limestone – It is also heat resistant but scratches easily as it is a soft stone. One bad news is it’s liable to stain over time and is porous. Limestone is expensive option considering the drawbacks and the price can vary from $65 to $100 per sq foot.

Marble – It is one of the beautiful stone for the interior design but is least durable. Marble scratches easily and can start to deteriorate once exposed to acidic substances such as vinegar and the lemon juice. You can use marble in the areas like bathroom or bake stations where the traffic is low.

Countertops which are made from Quartz are durable and strong as it is one of the hardest mineral in nature. Quartz Countertops are embedded in a hard dying color which results in a material which looks like stone. There price range can vary from $45 to $100 per sq foot. Out of all kinds of countertops, Quartz wears better than other materials in the market.
Concrete countertops are touted as eco-friendly choice for kitchen design & are gaining more popularity than the other kinds of countertops. They offer many options for coloring and texturing and have a unique appeal for high-end choice which comes from a range of $70 to $130. In order to avoid them from staining, they need to be sealed periodically.

Out of all kinds of countertops, tile is a classic material that has many design styles. It is resistant to heat but can get discolored. Tile can crack but you can avoid all these problems if you go for quality ceramic & tile. One of the latest trends is to tile over on an existing laminate countertop which is cost effective and fast way to give a new look to the kitchen.

Laminate out of all kinds of countertops can be installed easily and is available in many patterns & colors. It is a cost effective option for anyone who wants to give a makeover to his kitchen. Like other kinds of countertops, laminate is also heat & scratch resistant and can be bought from a range of $10 to $30 per sq foot. They look great and is worth it if you have a tight budget.

Solid Surface Synthetics:
They have an attractive appearance & look like stone. They have a bit higher price than a high-end laminate and can be re-polished as well. The prices vary from $40 to $100 for good brands but are worth it. This kind of countertop is less likely to leave a seam & get damaged from heat.