Kinds Of Crackers

There are different kinds of crackers available in the market today. Most are flat and they come in different sizes, numerous shapes e.g. square or round and very crispy in nature. The shapes in which they come in will always depend on the company producing them. They also come in quite a number of flavours to choose from.

Once one gets to taste these kinds of exiting and very nutritious foods, doing without it might be completely impossible as they have an extraordinary taste that everyone will always crave for.

These crackers can be classified with regard to their flavours. Crackers come in quite a number of flavours which include cheese, buttery, flaky, salty etc. This differs from company to company. The most consumed flavours will always be available in abundance. Depending on one’s favourite flavour, different kinds of crackers can be eaten with different kinds of food which include meat or butter. They have provided a more convenient way of eating most staple foods.

Other common kinds of crackers are the low-card crackers. They are commonly found in most shopping malls as they form part of the diet for low carbohydrates consumers. It has small amounts of both carbohydrates and sugar. There exist a number of flavours to choose from in the market.

The major ingredients used to make these kinds of cracker are proteins and fibre. This makes consumers who are majorly those on low carbohydrates diet to stay full for a longer period.

Saltine cracker is also very common kinds of crackers. They are also referred to as the soda crackers. They are made from the following ingredients; very refined flour, a backing soda, sold plus some other flavours. They are the kinds of crackers which are very nutritious as it has different percentages of vitamins such as 3% riboflavin, 4% niacin, vitamin K, vitamin E and 5% folate. Moreover they have both irons and carbohydrates.

Other kinds of crackers are the Ritz crackers which are known to very flaky and buttery. Even though they are soft, they are cannot be preserved for a long time. On the other hand, Keebler club crackers are known to have a hard texture besides being very flacky and light.

The only kinds of crackers which have the oyster like taste are the black to nature crackers. They are widely known for their buttery, hard texture and the stale taste. They are best served with soups or eaten along other meals of choice.
When baking some kinds of crackers, it is advisable to make some holes on the dough since air must not be formed in the crackers during backing. Examples of these crackers are the docking holes which come in a number of shapes such as the square, triangular etc.

Other kinds of crackers available are the graham crackers, water crackers, the town house crackers amongst others which also come in a variety of tastes, shapes and flavours. The graham and digestive crackers are well known for their health benefits and are normally eaten as cookies.