Kinds Of Dementia

Learn about kinds of cookies. A cookie is a small and flat, usually sweet treat that can be baked or non-baked. Cookies are widely in use in western countries such as the US and Canada and also in European countries such as the UK. The dough for cookies is created by using oil instead of water. Cookies have been in use for several millennia but its origin can be traced back to Persia in the 7th Century. At that time, cookies were not sweet and primarily used as eatables during long travels. But slowly sugared cookies gained popularity and reached Europe. There are innumerable kinds of cookies throughout the world today.

Cookies can be classified in several categories based on their preparation techniques. Bar cookies are formed by creating the batter first and then baked by pressing the whole batter into a pan. The baked batter is then cut into cookie shapes. Brownies are the most popular bar cookies. Drop cookies on the other hand are created by baking spoonfuls of soft dough onto the pan. The dough gets a cookie like shape and texture. Chocolate Chip cookies are very popular among these kinds of cookies.

Molded cookies have much harder and stiffer dough than other cookies. This dough is required to be shaped and flattened by hand and then placed in baking sheet. Peanut Butter cookies are popular molded cookies. Hermit cookies are created like bar cookies which mean they are baked as loaves first and then cut into pieces.

Filled cookies like Hamantash are made by first filling the dough with fruit and other sweets before they are baked. There are also certain kinds of cookies that are not baked but hand created or cooled to get their cookie like shape and texture. No-bake cookies contain filler which is used as binder. Nuts are usually good binders. After the mold is created, they are shaped and cooled rather than baked. Rum Balls are worldwide popular No-bake cookies.

Refrigerator cookies are made from a stiff dough which is made stiffer and harder by refrigerating them. The dough is usually created as a roll. The hard roll after cooling is cut into round and thin pieces before baking. Pinwheel cookie is a type of Refrigerator cookie. Rolled cookie is also a type of cookie that is cut into cookie shaped pieces before baking. These kinds of cookies are easy to make and hence, they are in popular use worldwide.

Sandwich cookies are an advanced type of cookie that is created by creating sandwich-like dough filling with various ingredients like fruits and nuts before baking. Jam and icing filling are also popular. Oreo is a popular example of vanilla icing filling. Pressed cookies are created automatically using cookie press into different shapes and sizes.

Cookies are great sweet treats that can be created easily and fast at home and commercially. There are several other kinds of cookies available regionally, and in different parts of the globe. To list all of them is difficult, but that should not deter anyone from enjoying the heavenly taste of cookies.