Kinds Of Dinosaurs

There are different kinds of dinosaurs and their kinds depend upon the manner in which one counts these creatures. There is a set of individuals who segregates the dinosaurs on the basis of the age lived with them or on the basis of the eating habits. Check out this article, to gain an insight about the various kinds of dinosaurs which used to inhabit the space in this world a billion years ago. Here it goes:

1. Ankylosaurs
These kinds of dinosaurs used to occupy space on the Earth nearly sixty five million years ago. These dinosaurs had the characteristics of being the plant eater by their very nature. In terms of the physical features, these dinosaurs used to possess sharpest spikes, heaviest clubs and armor plating. It is believed that these kinds of dinosaurs evolved their armament with the intention to ward off their predators. These dinosaurs carry the legacy of the last family of dinosaurs with them.

2. Hadrosaurs
These kinds of dinosaurs are believed to be the last and most often found types of the dinosaurs which used to roam on the surface of the Earth. The common name of the hadrosaurs is duch-billed dinosaurs. The physical features of these dinosaurs used to include a largely and oddly shaped structure with the presence of the tough beaks. These kinds of dinosaurs used to mainly feed on the plants and the tough beaks used to aid in the shedding of the vegetation. The hadrosaurs generally used to live as well as move in herds and used to keep a vigil for the children present in their herd.

3. Sauropods
These kinds of dinosaurs were the giant members of the dinosaur family. Their ideal weight was nearly 100 tons and the average height was about 100 feet. The long necks, long tails and squat and thick bodies were the visible features of this dynasty of dinosaurs. These dinosaurs were the avid eater of the herbs and vegetations. The Jurassic period used to be the time when the presence of these kinds of dinosaurs was greatly felt. The most celebrated names under the category of the Sauropods were Argentinosaurs, Brachiosaurs and Apatosaurs.

4. Prosauropods
These kinds of dinosaurs adorned the planet in the last years of the Triassic period. This race of dinosaurs used to comprise a range of strange appearing dinosaurs that were sized either small or medium and used to eat plants and herbs present in the world. However, the prosauropods were not the direct ancestors of the sauropods who used to live in the Jurassic period. The striking features of these dinosaurs are that these bunches of dinosaurs were characterized to walk on both the two legs as well as the four legs. It is also investigated by a number of scientists that these dinosaurs used to have small servings of the meat with their vegetable diets.

The above mentioned kinds of dinosaurs are just some of the names which are commonly found as the distinct array of dinosaurs. One can discover more and more types of the dinosaurs on the basis of the various characteristics.