Kinds Of Disabilities

There are many kinds of disabilities: mental disabilities, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, medical disabilities. Everybody understands and sympathizes with a person that is blind or deaf; a person limping his way across the hall; or a kid that has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and finds him or herself unable to perform as well as other children at school. But there are other kinds of disabilities also, that we sometimes fail to recognize in others, even in ourselves, despite the fact that they can be equally problematic and/or destructive. Such kinds of disabilities include but are not limited to the following:

A disability that almost all women suffer from, is never knowing how to match the clothes in their closet. If her friend asked her for advice, she would probably have the answer in seconds, like a super-computer which scans the closet, and the female body type in order to find the perfect outfit taking into account the weather changes that will take place after midnight and the position of the stars according to her horoscope. Unfortunately, her kind of disability prevents her from arriving at the same conclusion when it comes to making a decision for herself. That is why women are always late for their dates, or why the meet up with other women in order to dress up together.

Another of those unfortunate kinds of disabilities is that of never knowing when to stop talking. A typical manifestation of this disability is asking a middle-aged woman her age. You might have been chatting for a few minutes, or see her everyday at work and actually like each other. The moment that you pop this question, though, the kind smile painted on her face, will turn into a vicious stare as if her eyes are actually trying to emit some sort of laser beams that will kill you.

Another example of this disability is the scenario in which you are out on a date with your wife, and for some mysterious reason you start talking about ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends; one thing is for sure: you will both try to top one another; as if the one that has had more lovers in his life is somehow the winner of this contest. Besides the meaninglessness of the situation, things will eventually come to this question on her part: ‘was any of your ex-s’ more beautiful than me’? And chances are that at least one was. And chances are that you will respond to this question with an honest ‘yes’ without thinking it through. And chances are you will be regretting doing so for a long long time. All you had to do was simply say ‘no’, and everyone would live happilier ever after. Sadly, the kinds of disabilities as the one you suffer from, makes it almost impossible for you to stop talking when you absolutely must do so. From that point on, the course of events is pretty much pre-determined: she will pour a glass of whatever she is drinking on your shirt and will start screaming like a psychiatric inmate, who has been skipping his medication for weeks. You will try to calm her down without any success. She will continue screaming up to the point that she has her part in stupid tag lines and say: ‘well if you ask me, neither are you the one with the largest package among my ex-s’! Yeap! She also suffers from the same kind of disability that you do. And since she does, she will not know how to stop either; she will simply create a mess that she will be regretting for a long long time also.

All kinds of disabilities can create some difficulties, some discomfort to you and/or others. It might even require medical care and/or psychological support. The two kinds of disabilities mentioned above, however, are incurable and bring about only chaos.