Kinds Of Diseases

No one wants to get sick, but sometimes diseases come when we least expect it. Here are some of the common kinds of diseases that infect humans.

Infectious Diseases

These kinds of diseases have many names, including transmissible and communicable diseases. These are diagnosed by a doctor according to the characteristic warning signs, and the ensuing symptoms of the disease. Most of the time, the infectious nature of the disease is related with the presence of pathogens like bacteria, fungi and viruses. In some cases, parasites also cause the disease. These organisms often proliferate inside the body of the infected human, and are transmitted to others via the expulsion of body fluids.

There are two categories of infectious diseases: symptomatic and asymptomatic. The asymptomatic person becomes the carrier of the disease even if the warning signs have not appeared yet. Anyone who comes in contact with a carrier may be asymptomatic as well, or may show the symptoms associated with the infectious disease. When these kinds of diseases become prevalent in a certain locality, it may have turned into an epidemic. In such cases, the carriers and those showing symptoms need to undergo quarantine procedues.

One way of dealing with infectious diseases is to find out if invertebrate vectors are present in the locality, such as mosquitoes, which are known vectors of viral diseases like malaria and hemorrhagic fever.

Autoimmune Diseases

When the body fails in terms of immunity, or shows inadequate immune response to pathogens or other stressors, the kinds of disease that the doctor would suspect are autoimmune diseases. There are some cases where the disease is limited to a specific organ or tissue groups. There are also some instances wherein these kinds of diseases brings about symptoms that can be related to other diseases. Hence, the diagnosis for autoimmune diseases can be difficult.

Metabolic Diseases

Diabetes is one of the most common kinds of diseases related with metabolism failure. This disease usually starts as hyperglycemia, which is the increase of blood sugar, which could be a sign that diabetes might arise soon.

Psychological Diseases

Although most mental cases are referred to as disorders and not diseases, one particular mental problem that is considered one of the kinds of diseases is Alzheimer’s disease. This is common in the elderly, but could show up earlier for some individuals. The development of Alzheimer’s disease differs from person to person, but the symptoms may be common. Some warning signs are irritability and aggression, even if unprovoked. Withdrawal from other people can also be a sign of this disease, especially if the person is nearing mature adulthood.

Chronic Pain Diseases

These kinds of diseases can be categorized separately from the other types because there are many factors that could be causing the pain. Some people may be suffering from common sources of pain like gout and other joint problems. Some may be feeling pain related with a long-term injury or as side effects of former surgeries. In some cases, pain may be psychosomatic or the kind of pain with no known cause.