Kinds Of Drinks

The composition of any drink is a very important aspect when it comes to classification of various drinks. Drinks are made of a variety of contents which may include alcohol, various kinds of beverages or fruits. Let’s have a quick overview of the various kinds of drinks which are available in various shops:

The Non-Alcoholic Drinks

These drinks contain either no alcohol or negligible percentage of alcohol. Examples of these drinks are the non-alcoholic wine, low-alcohol beer amongst others.
Other than this, drinks can be classified as soft drinks.
These kinds of drinks have no traces of alcohol in them. These may include the fruit punch, lemonade, iced tea among other drinks.

The Fruit Juice
This is also another class of drinks which are made from different types of fruits. They can either be mango juice, pawpaw juice or banana juice amongst other kinds of drinks which are as many as the number of fruits in the world. The method of processing differs from fruit to fruit although they should always contain no additives as they should be very natural. Most juices are always very perishable and therefore the mode of storage will always determine the longer a juice can remain fresh.

Juice blenders are always very useful while making these kinds of drinks. They come in a variety of tastes as some are sugary while others are very acidic. This gives a wide range of tastes to choose from.

The Vegetable Juice
Some of the most popular kinds of drinks in this category are the carrot juice, the tomato juice among others. Their tastes can always be made better by mixing some of them with fruit juice.

Another category of drinks are the hard drinks. The term hard refers to those kinds of drinks with higher percentage of alcohol. Alcohol percentages may vary from 4 % for the case of most beers to 40% for the case of most vodkas, spirits and whiskeys. Wines are also examples of drinks in this category although they contain about 9% to about 15% alcohol although this may vary depending on the manufacturer.
Cocktails are the other common kinds of drinks. A cocktail can be made either by mixing different kinds of fruits juices or some fruit juices with alcohol. They contain very many ingredients which may include honey, milk cream and some herbs depending on the kind of drink depending on the expected result of the whole mixture. These drinks are mostly served when chilled or at times with crushed ice.
The nature of the drink is also another factor which cannot be ignored. A drink can either be classified as a cold drink or a hot drink. The various kinds of drinks mentioned above can fall in this broad category. This normally depends on when the drink is to be served.

Cold drinks are mostly served with ice cubes while hot drinks are mostly served when heated. Good examples of hot kinds of drinks are coffee.

There are quite a wide range of drinks to choose from it all depends on one’s taste and preference.