Kinds Of Drums

Check out kinds of drums. Drums are some of the most common and among the first musical instruments to be invented by man. They have since transformed both in size, shape and mechanisms through which they are played. There are a number of factors which are used to classify different kinds of drums. Examples of drums:

The Cylindrical Drums
These kinds of drums can commonly be made by drilling a hole through wood or using a cylindrical tin which are then covered either at both ends or at one of the end with suitable skin. These results to two or one drumhead depending on the number of ends covered. Examples of these of such drums include the bass drum which can either be played using manual foot pedal or automatic foot pedal. The bongo and Conga drums are also good examples of cylindrical drums with a single drumhead.
The goblet drums

These drums are also referred to as the doumbek or the tonbak depending on the region where they are popularly used. For instance, in America, these kinds of drums are referred to as the doumbek. They are widely used in E. Europe, N. Africa and a larger part of Asia.

The Frame Drums
Good examples of these kinds of drums include the Bendir, Riq, Tamburine, Irish bodhran etc. These drums are mostly made of wood which forms almost a perfect circle. The drum head can be made of either synthetic drum head or rawhide.
The kettle drums or the timpani
Most of these kinds of drums are either made from copper or brass. Just as the name suggests, their shapes are like those of large kettles. They can be tuned besides having very deep sounds. The tension across the drum head can be adjusted with either foot pedal.

Other than the drums mentioned above, others include:

The Snare Drum
These drums are made of two drum heads; one at the top whiles the other the bottom. It has metal snares at the bottom head which is responsible for its uniquely aggressive sound.

The Bongos
These kinds of drums are mostly found in African music. Their main purpose was to drive evil away besides being an effective way of communication. They also come in variety of sizes. They are mostly used in Latin music and salsa. These kinds of drums are played just like the Djembe.

Djembe is also a very popular drum which is made of wood with the drum head covered with sheepskin.
Conga drums are commonly used in Spain. In fact, most Spanish music uses these kinds of drums. It has an elongated body which ensures its deeper sound. In most cases they come in a pair of two or four.

The Bordhran
These kinds of drums are very common in both Irish and Celtic music although they are believed to have originated from Spain and Africa.

Different communities have their own unique drums which suits their cultures best. However, with the advancement in technology, new generation of drums have come into existence with a broader percentage being electric drums.