Kinds Of Electric Guitar

Learn about kinds of electric guitar. Electric guitar is an instrument that is used to play various genres of music by converting the electrical vibrations through the strings into more audible form of sound that helps to enhance the rock effect when played in an auditorium full of audience. The electric signal is obtained out of the electric guitar which is then amplified instead of being sent to a loudspeaker. The electric signal from the electric guitar travels to the loudspeaker via the amplifier. The 1950’s and the 1960’s witnessed the major development of this sort of guitars. This era saw the emergence of music that demanded the use of the different kinds of electric guitars.

There are many kinds of electric guitars available today in the market. One of its types is the solid body electric guitar. This is referred to as the Stratocaster. The name of the guitar explains its characteristics quite well. The structure of the guitar lacks a resonating body. This is one of the various kinds of electric guitar that one can avail at the market. This is hollow at the core. It is made out of solid wood. The hollowness of the guitar inside is meant to create proper electronic vibration and proper sound effects that are meant for the instrument. This makes it quite appropriate for guitarists to opt for this kind of electric guitar for its varied features.

Another kind of electric guitar is telecaster. This guitar happens to have a simpler design than the one that is spoken of in the previous paragraph. This particular kind of electric guitar has found its range of popularity in the museums. The instrument is known for its thin, biting sound. Another interesting thing about this kind of electric guitar is that it consists of no tremolo bar. These various interesting features of the guitar make it a popular sale.

Les Paul is another type of guitar. It is known to be a heavyweight guitar which happens to be quite a favorite among jazz guitarists. It is also quite popular among heavy rock players. The guitar is unique in its design and has some distinctive features that give a different echo of voices, and functions well. It is good for the production of thick and good quality sound. This kind of electric guitar is fit for rock concerts and was first introduced in the late 1950’s.

Semi Acoustic is one of the other kinds of electric guitars. It is known for its brilliance in its structural formation. It needs an amplifier. It is mostly preferred by jazz players and by artists who prefer the blues genre. These consist of a hollow body that has a dynamic and more responsive sound body that helps the sound spread across acres and provides good sound quality.
Hence, there are the various kinds of electric guitars that can be used to play different genres of music with better sound focus and sound quality, preferred by professionals playing heavy rock, blues and jazz.