Kinds Of Evergreen Trees

Explore the kinds of evergreen trees. Evergreen trees are those trees which grows leaves around the year. In every season, they shed some leaves from their stem, but they grow as faster as they shed. They remains green whole year, they have high carbon-nitrogen ratio which maintain high soil acidity and lower nitrogen factor from the plant which makes them look evergreen throughout. There are different kinds of evergreen trees depending upon the certain climatically factors, temperature and resources. Here are some of the kinds of evergreen trees discussed in detail.

Austrian Pine Evergreen
These are among those kinds of evergreen trees which have medium green color and it remains the same throughout the year. They are very tall and can grow in rough city climate consists of pollution, smoke and fog. They possess beautiful shape, which makes your garden look more beautiful. It is also used for decoration and mostly as a Christmas tree. They can sustain every type of climate either its windy, sunny, dry or foggy. It also grows well with bad soil condition.

American Arborvitae
These are among those kinds of evergreen trees which are very tall in size and grow in specifically in America. It grows to its maximum height in 6 to 7 years of time. It have similar features as Austrian pine evergreen tree, it can also resist harsh climate condition and also grows well in bad soil. Its maximum height ranges up-to 90 feet.

Canadian Hemlock Trees
These are among those kinds of evergreen trees which grow in certain temperature and only in a specific location. These kinds of evergreen trees only grow in sunny weather and only in dry regions. They are very soft and spray like in appearance and possess very light green color.

Colorado Blue Spruce Trees
These kinds of evergreen trees are very beautiful and have some unique characteristics. They have a maximum height range of 100 feet and possess beautiful bluish green color. They are also used for decoration purposes and look stunning on different festivals especially on Christmas.

Fraser Fir Evergreen Tree
These are very soft, and silky kind of evergreen tree and it can grow till 60 feet. They possess dark green color which looks beautiful in summer evenings. It grows well in normal temperature, excess heat or water can destroy the plant. It can’t grow in wet and clay soil. It needs nice and cool weather to flourish.

Norway Spruce Tree
This is among those kinds of evergreen tree which is very tall in size and can range up-to 150 feet. It has dark green color, and it is very wind resistant. The maximum time to reach its maximum productivity and height is 6 to 7 years. Comparatively it is among most fastest growing types of trees. They possess high quality of wood which can be used in many purposes. It can grow in normal soil condition, but if you are planning to grow such kind of evergreen tree then make sure the soil have enough moisture, which will help them to maintain its dark green color.