Kinds Of Fabrics

In this day and age of avant garde fashion and developing innovative trends hitting the market almost every day, it is important to figure out what you need to wear and how you should wear it. But most people ignore the basics of it all, the fabric. A good buyer should know what his buy constitutes of at the most basic level and that is where fabric knowledge becomes important. Therefore, here is a list of few kinds of fabrics.

Satin is the most common fabric used in pillows, curtains and bedsheets. It is shiny in the front and rough at the back. It is a silk or nylon derivative. This fabric is known for its smoothness.

Much like velvet, which is another fabric amongst the kinds of fabrics that one could use in upholstery. Velvet is neither light nor heavy. Also it is made of shiny filaments that gives its luster.

Jute is used to make durable products. It is often mixed with other fabrics to make bags and similar items. It is soft.
Of all kinds of fabrics, polyester is probably the strongest. It is not a very elastic fabric but it does not shrink or stretch. Its most common usage is in the making of furnishing items.

Ramie is a plant fiber. It is also called china grass. This kind of fabric is shiny and lustrous. It is white in color and is highly popular. It is one of those rare kinds of fabric whose strength and durability improves on being wet. It’s commonly used as a wool or cotton mix.

Of all kinds of fabrics cotton is the most common. It is extremely comfortable material and apart from clothing items, it is also used in surgical equipments.

Nylon is also called polyamide. Nylon is a different version of silk, a synthetic one. Of all kinds of fabrics, nylon is the strongest one.

Silk is derived from silk worm. It is a shiny material and it can be dyed easily. It loses it color when exposed to sunlight.
Of all kinds of fabrics, cashmere is probably the most expensive. Silk, being the king of all kinds of fabrics, is very popular. This fabric is soft and even then it is extremely warm.

Angora is another kind of fabric. This fabric is derived from the Angora rabbit. This kind of fabric is light yet warm. The texture of Angora is silky. though that does not compromise its warmth, which is better than most low grade wool.
Wool is another important kind of fabric that is used in clothing. It is used in winter clothing to keep the body warm. The finest kind of wool is derived from the merino sheep. It is the warmest and the most expensive of all kinds of wool.

Linen, like most kinds of fabrics, is also derived from plants– the flax plant’s stalk to be particular. It is the strongest plant derived fiber. Items made out of linen are generally light and comfortable. The problem with linen is that it is not very elastic. Another problem with linen is the problem of wrinkles which can be blamed on its texture.