Kinds Of Fever

Read about the kinds of fever. Fever is one of the most common infection occurs to almost everyone, it is not really a disease however, it can lead to some major disease if not treated well. It is the rise of body temperature which affects the muscles and bones causing fever. A person feels cold even when his body is heat up above the normal range. There are different kinds of fever on the basis of which treatment is been suggested by the doctors. Here are some of the kinds of fever discussed below.

Continuous Fever:
This is among those kinds of fever in which the body temperature rises above the normal temperature (98-100 F) but remains constant. In this kind of fever body temperate rises throughout the day. In this situation, it is important to lower down the body temperate immediately otherwise it can increase the symptoms of typhus, typhoid, urinary tract infection or labor pneumonia. As these are among the serious kinds of fever therefore, it should be treated well and on proper time.

Intermittent Fever:
This is among those kinds of fever in which body temperate rises for a certain period of time and then get back to normal after that duration. It continues in a same way for many days if not took into consideration. This kind of fever can cause many serious diseases like malaria, kala-azar, pyaemia or septicemia.

Neutropenia Fever:
This is among those kinds of fever which is not very common. In this kind, there is a symptom of abnormal immune function. Human body has an immune system which protects the body from different infections and diseases. Sometimes when this immune system becomes weak or destroyed there is a greater chance of bacterial infection to spread easily. Due to rapid spreading of diseases it is important to take serious action against this kind of fever otherwise body can be affected adversely from this fever.

Dengue Fever:
Nowadays this is a very common kind of fever in the Middle East and Asia. This is among those kinds of fever which reduce platelets to almost zero and can be life threatening. Symptoms of this kind of fever are headache, body ache, back ache and rashes on different parts of the body.

Influenza is said to be the most common fever, normally known as the flu. It is everyday type fever which occurs readily to most of the people. It is caused due to influenza virus which affects throat, nose and lungs. This kind of fever cause running nose, cough and weakness. This is not a very serious kind, but it can convert into some serious disease if not cured clinically.

This is among those of kinds of fever in which the human body temperature rises up-to 103 and 104 F, which is very dangerous. It causes unbearable chills and body pain. It also cause swelling and soreness in lower limbs.
These are some kinds of fever discussed in this article, there are so many other kinds of fever too depending on the disease and its symptoms