Kinds Of Fire Trucks

Most people can easily recognize the red vehicles in the fire department or while they are moving down the road. Fire departments have several other kinds of fire trucks. These kinds of fire trucks available are categorized by what they are used for:


This is what the fire people consider it as the basic car that they must have and in good condition. This kind of fire truck can do three jobs in case of any fire and these are; transporting the firemen, carry hose and pump. They have the ability to pump thousands of gallons of water every minute. It is possible to find Engines that do one function and those that can do four or even five functions.


Their major function kind of fire truck is to transport the ladders and other equipment that are used in fire fighting. They are rarely mounted with pumps. They have long ladders of more than 50 feet. Their ladders do not include the hydraulic operated ladders. They can carry hundreds of hand mounted ladders.


As the name indicates, this truck does up to five functions when extinguishing fire. The two functions that are easily noticed are the pump and the aerial device. People managing cities think that having a quint will eliminate the need of having an Engine or a Truck. For a fire fighting truck to be called a quint, it must have a full size pump with a loaded hose, and a full water tank.


The kinds of fire trucks Cars that help in handling small general duties in a fire department are called squads. It ranges from simple cars that carry fire fighters to those with some pumping ability or some other important functions.

Patrol Truck:

These are kinds of fire trucks that are used to fight fire in forests or grasslands. They are commonly four wheel pick-up tracks mounted with a water tank and a pump.

A Wagon:

Most of the functions carried out by this kind of fire truck the same as those done by Patrol truck. They can also be used to fight fire with poisonous materials like foam and other agents for killing fire. This truck can move and pump water at the same time.

Support Apparatus:

These are vehicles designed for special activities during fire fighting. An example is one carrying gas oil to where it is needed.

Special Vehicles:

Fire departments always try to imagine situations and and develop vehicles and equipment to handle special situations. These trucks are categorized as special trucks. Examples of a special fire trucks are those that are used for fighting fires during winter and cold season.


These are used for handling injured people in case of fire. They usually carry paramedics and treatment facilities.

Because different fire departments will have different needs for fire fighting, this article has chosen to look and those basic and common ones that can be found in fire departments. The important things in a fire truck are the fire fighters, water and tools.