Kinds Of Flowers And Their Names

Here is a list of the kinds of flowers and their names that you may find in your local floral shop when you are looking for one for that special someone:


These are kinds of flowers that come form a plant called bulbous. These flowers shoot from a stem without leaves and measures between 6cm to 10cm. It comes in many color mixtures like white, pink, orange, red and yellow making it a flower with diverse uses. Traditionally, this flower is used to indicate beauty beyond physical one.


Iris flowers are kinds of flowers in different shapes and sizes. They have bright petals that symbolize eloquence. Those that are blue symbolize faith and hope while the white ones symbolize peace and purity and the yellow ones symbolizes passion.


Sunflowers are annual plants that can grow up to ten feet tall. All the other parts of this plant is green except the head which is a beautiful yellow flower. The structure of the flower has petals surrounding a middle part that contains edible seeds. Sunflowers are a symbol of pure adoration and thoughts.


Anemone symbolizes anticipation but it also symbolizes lose of hope. It has beautiful blue petals.


These kinds of flowers grow in the stems called the spandex and they come in many different colors with red being the most available. The flower is used to represent happiness.

Birds of paradise:

They originate from South America and its other name is crane flower. It is named according to its appearance as they look like birds in flight. The flower is known to exhibit an emotion of great happiness.


Florist shops love this kind of flower. When a plant it brings forth flowers with about 40 petals with many colors with strips. Various carnations have various meaning but the common is a sense of pride and joy.


It has flowers with about 6 petals. It comes in different variety of color. They are very fragile flowers. It normally indicates eternal life. Many flowers tied together indicate happiness and joy.


This flower has gone a lot of breeding in trying to come up with flowers of different quality and color. It has been known to represent romantic love.


Daisies are a kind of flower with white petals and yellow centers. It is an interesting flower because it has one petal that has folded itself to look like many petals. It is a significance of loyal love.


They are beautiful red flowers found in south America. It portrays enthusiasm.


These are many kinds of this flower and they are all easy to grow. They portray love and long life.


This was originally a yellow flower but various colors are available these days. It is a flower of friendship.

Sweet Pea:

They need something to hold them as they grow because they are climbing plants. They look like butterflies when they get matured and they signify a delicate pleasure. It also indicates pleasurable joy.