Kinds Of Flowers For Bouquets

At almost any function you attend, you will find a flower or flowers gracing the occasion. In this regard, there are different kinds of flowers for bouquets that grace events such as birthdays, weddings, baptisms, funerals, and dinner parties, they can be used as brightening decorations for a home, and they can be given as tokens of love, or placed at places of worship. The use of flowers especially for decoration purposes is seemingly endless.

Depending upon the function, colors and what their use is for, different kinds of flowers can be arranged into beautiful bouquets. There are different kinds of flowers that grace many a bouquet, each with its special meaning depending upon the type and color used. Some of the most common kinds of flowers for bouquets include:


Roses are usually kept for special occasions, you will find them being used on Valentine’s Day as an expression of love, they can be sent alongside a gift to that special someone or even at ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. Roses have always reigned supreme when it comes down to the kinds of flowers to be used in bouquets with over 100 species to choose from.


Carnations are typically cultivated in the East, with each carnation flower color having its own meaning. The red color signify admiration, pink signifies a mother’s love while white is for good luck.


Lilies are especially popular in the United Sates due to the many variations in color that they come in. Their beautiful and elegant shape make them special kinds of flowers for bouquets, and added to their lovely smell and unique colors, it comes as a surprise if one is not able to choose a color that suits their personality.


Though simple in appearance, daisies are the kinds of flowers that grace bouquets simply because of their brilliant colors as well as the sense of cheerfulness that they give to their receiver.


These kinds of flowers come in unusual shapes and beautiful colors, although the most common decorative forms of orchids that are grown to be used as cut flowers include the moth orchid(phalaenopsis), the slipper orchid(paphiopedilum),the vanda and the Singapore orchid(dendrobium).


These kinds of flowers have an old-fashioned charm to them that is hard to ignore. They come in the beautiful colors of soft blue, pink, and a vibrant red.


These kinds of flowers take their name for their close resemblances to the sun, and because their heads always tilt to face the sun. In China, the sunflowers are used as a symbol of longevity. In essence a gift of these kinds of flowers expresses your pure love to the person you send them to!

Tropical flowers

Tropical flowers are kinds of flowers for bouquets that are used for their rare beauty, and to send forth a message of adventure.

Other kinds of flowers for bouquets include the Billy Buttons, Peonies, marigolds, Ranunculus, Tulips, Gladioluses, Anthurium, Azaleas, proteas, baby’s breath, bougainvillea, dahlia, heather, and scabiosa to mention but a few. The list is seemingly endless but ultimately, the creativity, craftsmanship and skill that is used to turn different kinds of flowers for bouquets is simply amazing, with the finished product remaining breathtaking sight.