Kinds Of Flowers For Kids

All people have strong positive emotions towards flowers that are pleasing to look at. There are many kinds of flowers for kids(Those that are safe for kids to play with and learn from them.). Kids are attracted to flowers and they love to play with them. This is an opportunity for them to learn about the important functions of flowers for instance, their role in plant reproduction.

It is important to choose carefully the kinds of flowers for kids because some of these flowers have poisonous parts if touched, chewed or swallowed. For instance, Oxalates yields sap that has needle shaped crystals and are dangerous for kids. Nevertheless, there are various kinds of flowers for kids which are absolutely safe to let your kids play with them.


Many people love to have this kind of flower in their gardens because of they are above the average size of flowers and have a somewhat happy appearance. Sunflowers are resistant to hard weather conditions like little water supply and heat from the sun though, they have been known to delight in the sun and can they do not endure frost well as they normally die in freeze. Children can do a lot with sunflowers including planting them, watering them, playing with them, watching them grow and even if they eat them, they have no thorns and sunflower seeds are a good source of protein and unsaturated fats.


This kind of flower normally has different colors; red, yellow, purple, orange and bluish. What makes this kind of flower suited for children is that they are nontoxic and are entirely eatable. Also, tropaeolum are easy to grow because they have big seeds which the children can actually see them as they grow them. Normally, their flowers lasts for longer time than other flowers.

Common Daisies:

Daisies easily grow on thir own and many people count them as weeds. It is a kind of flower for kids because they are very pretty to look at because of their bright color and a yellow center. They are not poisonous as well even if kids swallow them. As a matter of fact this flower is edible and many people believe it to be an appetizer when added to salads.

Pot Marigold:

This should be a kind of flower for kids to play with because it is totally non toxic and no thorns. However, there are a lot of marigold around and it is important to verify that they are Pot Marigold before letting your kids play with them.


Calendula has a likable bright yellow color and they can bring a lot of fun to kids. For instance, when the flowers have dried up, kids can have fun with them by touching the seedcases lightly so that the seeds out with a pop sound. The only challenge with handling this kind of flower is that they have very small seeds so kids might need a little help when planting them.

Many flowers can be grown inside containers though children might need a little help handling delicate flowers. Help them to get maximum fun out of the experience.