Kinds Of Flowers For Wedding

Learn more about kinds of flowers for wedding. Wedding is the most memorable event of life. Everyone plans the best for their wedding ceremony. Especially for the bride this is the most exciting and pleasant day of her entire life, so everything has to be perfect, accurate and exactly according to her taste and choice. Moving towards the arrangements, while planning for a wedding first and foremost thing to be selected is the food, wedding dress and the decoration of the place where the marriage ceremony is to be held. And of course a unique memorable and stress free experience for your special occasion at

Beginning with the kinds of flowers for wedding on the basis of different seasons:

– Roses
King of flowers, the roses used almost for every occasion, but they are considered as on the top of the most important requirements list of wedding. Most commonly types of roses used in weddings are the hybrid tea rose(widely used on valentine’s day), miniature, floribundas, spray roses(naturally grown in gardens), old garden roses(expensive and scented) etc.

– Lily Of The Valley
They are exceptionally good of their kind, also called as the ladder to heaven. They remain expensive throughout the year, but they give you the sweetest and pleasant smell that will make you feel refreshed.

– Tulips
They are the cup shaped or star shaped kinds of flower for wedding. They are found in a variety of colors such as black, red, yellow, white, pink and purple tulips. They usually cost little, but some types can be expensive too.

– Sweet Peas
They are one of the kinds of flower for wedding with the sweetest and strongest fragrance. They are found in a variety of pale soft colors such as pink, blue, purple and white etc.

– Stephanotis
Stephanotis is the attractive and beautiful waxy flower used for its mild pleasant scent and affordable price.

– Gardenia
It is not only one of the most heavily perfumed flowers, but it is expensive too. It changes its color when you touch in heat, and it turns to brown color because of the oil from your skin.

Now here are the kinds of flowers for wedding on a different color theme.
– Pink Color:
Pink rose, pink Calla lily; pinknerviness can be used for decoration. This color symbolizes the childish innocence, kindness and sensitivity; this color arrangement will give your wedding place wonderful looks just like as in fairy tales.

– Purple Color:
You can use purple carnations and anemones, roses, gerbera daisies and Lisianthus to have peace of mind on your wedding day.

– White:
Roses, orchids, tulips, Calla lilies, lily of the valley, hyacinths and peonies are the white color flowers which can be used to show the purity and innocence of your personality.

The above mentioned are the kinds of flowers for wedding. You can use any of the color schemes that suit your personality and the season you are wedding in to make this day unforgettable for the lifetime.