Kinds Of Flowers List

When it comes to the kinds of flowers list should be created appropriately on the basis of color, name, size, and shape of each flower.Flowers are some of nature’s most abundant, beautiful and functional creations; aside from being aesthetically pleasant, they also aid in the reproduction of plants, and are used to enhance tradition, culture and human interaction. There are several kinds of flowers all over the world, and they are all as unique in composition as they are in function.

This list contains different kinds of flowers that can be used in functions, celebrations and rituals. If you’re looking for a traditional albeit romantic way to express affection, or if you’re just searching for flora to give thanks, look no further; this list of six common flowers can help you choose the right bud for whatever occasion you may be preparing for.

Kinds of flowers list includes:

Love and romance

Rose – Perhaps the most traditional and popular kind of flower to express attraction and love, the rose is an unquestionable expression of romance. Not only do its thick, curvy petals stand out, so does its heady, fragrant scent. While red is the most conventional color of roses given by men to women they intend to court, one can also opt to give white, yellow or pink roses.

Tulip – The tulip is a bulbous type of flower that is also used to express romance and affection. The Persians use the red or yellow tulips to symbolize their love for someone, and have even kept historical accounts of this practice dating back to the thirteenth century. If you wish to express your passionate love for someone but opt to steer clear of roses, a swollen, thick-stemmed tulip could do the trick.

Mother’s Day

Carnation – The tradition of choosing carnations to be given on Mother’s Day originated in the early 1900s and is still continued to this very day. In Korea, children give their parents carnations to express gratitude and love. It is also a popular flower given during Teacher’s Day. Choose a white or pink one to hand over to your mother on her special day.

Funerals and Condolences

Daisies – If someone you know is going through a difficult time after the death of a loved one, express your sympathy with a basket or wreath of white daisies.

Orchids – Orchids are beautiful flowers that have a very distinctive look. Some orchids have petals that grow symmetrically, although the top most petal will always look enlarged compared to the rest. Not only is this kind of flower a symbols= of femininity, it is also a good way to express sympathy and condolences. Perch a small handful of white orchids on a stalk or stem, plant them in a pot with soil and give them to the family of the deceased; although simple, it relays the message, ‘I am sorry for your loss, and I you are in my prayers.’


Lilies – Although practically any kind of flower would do, lilies would look spectacular. To celebrate a loved one’s graduation, the culmination of several years of study and hard work, arrange a bouquet made up of the educational institution’s colors; also, pairing a variety of complementary hues would do.